Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An awesome giveaway win, if I do say so myself...

I have to preface this entry with the caveat that I do not enter giveaways unless I really want whatever is being offered. I am something of a packrat (and as much as I love him Steve is, if anything, worse) and just don't need any more "stuff" cluttering up my house.

But when my friend Kim from college - who writes over at A Little Bit of This (formerly Fashion Momma in Training) - hosted her "Ginormous 400 Follower Giveaway", I couldn't say no.

(The only thing that wasn't in this giveaway that I would have loved to receive were 300+ more followers. ;) No, but seriously.)

That said, I was honestly shocked when I won! And when I win giveaways I don't usually "brag" about it...but this particular giveaway included so many awesome items from so many great bloggers that I simply had to tell y'all about them! I know that Kim is giving them all their due on her blog, but as the actual recipient of the fruits of their labor I wanted to make sure they got double the love for being such talented, giving ladies (and gent) :)

First...a whole slew of awesome accessories!
  • A beautiful Kanzashi style flower hair pin (top center) made from dupioni silk courtesy of Nikki @ Woven Camillia
  • Handmade "tough but pretty" beaded bracelet (exact center) thanks to Rochelle of Rochelle Approved
  • A sweet handmade flower necklace (second from left) from Meredith at Yours, Mine & Ours
  • Gorgeous three piece accessory set (bottom right) from Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique
  • 2 great accessories from Kim herself (blue and silver necklace, far left; green and silver earrings, upper right)
And a handful of other great, useful items!
  • A signed copy of Murder on the Boulevard (the book toward the right) by Kori Donahue of Blonde Episodes
  • A $25 gift card to one of my favorite stores...Target! This is thanks to Kim's brother Ryan :)
  • Everything else pictured - the iTunes gift card ($15!!!), the notebook, picture frame, pen and nailpolishes, also from Miss Kim :)
But that's not all! Not pictured (because, well, two of them kind of can't be) are...
  • A standout print of a personal picture courtesy of Jackie Ranson Photography (I've been working with her and she's been great and quick to get back to me and I'll have my print in hand soon!)
  • Fit & Pretty Session with Katy of Think Pretty Thoughts - Katy has also been super nice, though to be honest I know I couldn't utilize her knowledge as much because I'm already big on working out and eating...well...sort of right. She has given me a few ideas though and I guarantee she'd be a great help to anyone looking for some insight on losing weight and being healthy in the right ways.
  • And the thing I probably needed more than anything else (even the Target gift card!)...a Personal e-style session with Leslie, who writes over at A Blonde Ambition. Despite being in the throes of planning her wedding Leslie was quick about working with me and sent me an awesome portfolio that gave me just the information I needed...though it may be a month or more before I get around to taking her advice, due to my current schedule.
I also wanted to take a moment to say that this is what blogging is all about.

No no no - not giveaways.

The people.

I've been "blogging" in one form or another since January 2004 and I've met countless amazing people, some of whom have become close friends of mine. Kim is on the other end of that spectrum - she and I met in college, lost touch, were reconnected via Facebook and I've been following her blog from its inception in late 2009. The fact that Kim was able to gather gifts from nine people other than herself for such a huge giveaway speaks for the impact she has made among her blogger friends.

Now, I know that the people who participated in the giveaway are getting something in return - exposure. I understand that; I know my marketing. But donating an item for a singular giveaway certainly gets you more exposure than donating one item that will be placed in a box with a dozen or more others; still these people gave. And they did it to support Kim, their blogger friend.

So kudos to you, Kim, for being so successful - and successful in such a positive way. And thank you for hosting this giveaway!

And for all the wonderful people who added items to this package...thank you as well! I love everything and can't wait to have a chance to wear or use each and every item :) Pin It


  1. That's awesome that you won her giveaway! I enjoy following her blog now that I've been introduced via you :)

  2. YAY! I'm posting this, tonight. I just got back from my brother (and new sister)-in-laws' wedding weekend! I'm so glad that you loved the package and thank you for saying that I'm successful in a positive way. I heart you. :)

  3. Congrats on the win! So glad you like the necklace and I agree, its ALL about the people! :)

  4. Congrats on winner. I have to agree the people make blogging fun.