Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Review: A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

Warning: This book will make you hungry! Hungry for travel, hungry for a visit to Provence, hungry for wine and hungry for food whose mere descriptions made me drool.

Although it's obvious that Mayle ran together interesting tidbits so that they sounded as if they all happened on the same day or within the same week, this is still one of the better travel memoirs I've read. It may not have the depth of self-discovery that one reads in Eat Pray Love, but it is far superior to the Frances Mayes's over-written Under the Tuscan Sun. Overall, A Year in Provence was a great quick read and a good introduction to this area of France, its food and its people. I will definitely be making a point to read more of Mayle's Provence memoirs. 4/5 stars!

"There is nothing quite as thick-skinned as the seeker after sunshine and free lodging; normal social sidesteps don't work."

"We have an innate pessimism about telephone calls; they have a habit of coming at the wrong time, and they are too sudden, catapulting you into a conversation you weren't expecting." Pin It

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