Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Coffee Cubes!

Okay. I'm taking a step back from what I'd normally post for Thirsty Thursday (that or alcohol in general. whatever), so get ready to be shocked and amazed!

Okay, maybe not "shocked and amazed", but at least...interested?

Back in May we had some friends visiting for our [awesome, if I do say so myself] Kentucky Derby party, and on "the morning after" Steve made his infamous iced coffee. Now, a little over a year ago I posted the "recipe" for his iced coffee in our Greenville blog...and he promptly told me that I didn't have it right. As in, "my" write-up/version of his iced coffee was okay, but it wasn't the best way to do it. Perfectionist.

Still, there was one thing that both of our versions had in common - coffee cubes.

And making coffee cubes is easy! Just make sure you have an extra ice cube tray (or two) and make some extra coffee in the morning. Pour said coffee into a shaker and stir in an appropriate amount of sugar, then pour it into the ice cube tray and let it freeze...then use the coffee cubes to chill your coffee later that day or the next! Voila...amazing iced coffee!

Note that we did try to add a layer of half and half on top of the coffee cubes at one time, but it never did freeze keep in mind when you mix your coffee that you'll probably want to add a little extra half and half to keep up with the melting cubes of straight coffee. Also, we will usually chill some of our fresh coffee in a shaker (after adding sugar while it's hot!) in the fridge/under cold running tap water before pouring it into a glass and adding the coffee cubes...otherwise it just never seems to get cold enough.

And damn, now I've given you some half-assed version of Steve's iced coffee recipe. Oops? Here's the one I wrote up for our Greenville blog, but keep in mind that Steve's iced coffee really does always come out better than mine (though mine isn't bad by any means!). Pin It


  1. Look at you, Martha Stewart! I love it. And I want to be invited to the next Derby party. =)

    -Miss GOP

  2. I'm having sort of a "duh" moment about the coffee cubes- I will be forwarding this link to my boyfriend who is quite a perfectionist himself :)