Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us :)

It's hard to believe that it's been an entire year since our baseball wedding. It was an amazing weekend populated with awesome friends and I wouldn't have done it any other way! And though this year has at times been too busy and too stressful, in general it's been a great one with a wonderful man by my side, and I'm ready for many, many more years like this one :)

That said, since I haven't posted many pictures from our wedding, here are a few for you to enjoy ;)
(yes, this picture was a joke)
Two of the best men I know :) :) :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Such sweet pictures. You're a gorgeous bride :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! It always amazes me at how fast the time goes. It seems like just yesterday that we got married but its been 14yrs now!

  3. what a beautiful wedding! is that a seersucker suit I see??

  4. @Stacy, Saumya, Ross - thank you :)

    @how i met your father - yes! Steve, his groomsmen, and our dads wore seersucker suits...much better than wool tuxes in SC in August! and because we bought so many at once they were only about $140, which was the same price as renting a decent tux at Men's Wearhouse (Warehouse?) and the guys got to keep the suits...though to be honest it will take a very interesting occasion for them to wear them again, I'm sure :)