Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The War on...FLEAS.

To be completely honest, I've struggled over whether or not to write about this. Because I feel like a bad pet mommy. And I feel like a flea epidemic in my home makes me sound...dirty, I guess. But I'm not. My pets are clean, my house is clean [enough]. The problem is, Frontline simply doesn't work like it used to.

Of course, I called Frontline and they explained that their product was too working. But I just don't understand how I've applied the stuff every.single.month. for years and years now, on all sorts of pets, and only now do I suddenly have a problem. A big problem. My poor babies are itchy and uncomfortable and I hate it.

The vet's office can't guarantee that garlic - being a member of the onion family and onions being toxic to dogs - is safe, though many people swear by it.

We spent our one year wedding anniversary scouring the house and spraying Sentry everywhere. Steve cut the lawn to the quick and sprayed it down with the Sentry yard spray, as well. We bathed the dogs with Dawn dish soap - only to find out that not only does Dawn kill fleas, but it washes away any and all traces of whatever flea medicine they've been on. Nice to know. We even steeped a bunch of lemons in water and have been misting the dogs with it twice a day because it is supposed to repel fleas...but it doesn't appear to be doing anything of the sort.

Combing for fleas (and dumping the ones I find into a glass of water, which is then flushed down the toilet) helps for an hour, but soon enough the little buggers (excuse the pun) are attacking again. A flea dip at the end of July didn't do anything at all. And because of our cats we are limited on the types of flea meds we can use...i.e. the vet warned against switching to Advantix because it's extremely toxic to cats.

This has been my week upon returning from Europe. UGH. Pin It


  1. Oh Hun... This happens to us every summer, don't feel like a bad fur mom. I think it happens to most of us we just don't talk about it.
    I have tried every topical, ever vet recommended/prescribed anti flea, and just with as many animals as I have, I get fleas every summer. I usually spend honestly a few hours a day picking fleas off the animals, and it works. I drown them, and make sure they're dead and gone, and it really does work. I also bathe my dogs every three weeks with flea and tick wash and treat every 4, during the middle week I try to keep them inside as much as possible and walk them different places so they can avoid fleas. I have Jack Russell mixes, which means that even if they don't have fleas, they still itch and scratch because they are OCD and want to make sure they don't have fleas.
    I know what you mean though about feeling like you might seem like you have a dirty house, I clean 3 times a week and still have issues!

  2. What a bunch of liars frontline is! That would be terribly frustrating. It sounds like flea treatments have started the breed resistant fleas and don't work as well (even if they lie and say it still does.) Hopefully you've been able to get some sort of other fix.