Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who am I?

If you Google my name you get plenty of hits. I'm not going to tell you my last name but I will say that I Googled my maiden name...because that's who I was for most of my life. Apparently, that Tara

was an actress, ballet dancer, & violinist
has 25 profiles on LinkedIn
teaches vocal lessons in California
writes a business blog with her husband David
has her own line of botanical skin products
plays women's basketball
and is a poet, jewelry designer and art educator in Chicago.

To be honest, other than being one of those profiles on LinkedIn, none of this fits me. Really, I'm just

a singer in a band...
a wife, dog lover, blogger...
with one profile on LinkedIn..
a practicer of yoga and a runner....
struggling to keep up with my own life...
but loving [almost] every minute of it ;)

How do you stack up when you Google your name?
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  1. With my maiden name I'm actually a very popular English model and a professor. With my married name there just happens to be a few of us!

  2. i have such a unique name most of the hits are ME... creeeeepy!

  3. If you google my fully name, you get the star of the reality show "The Cougar" lol. Seriously, my name is so common, I'm pretty ungoogleable.