Monday, September 26, 2011

I remembered Monday Confessions this week! Go me.

I confess...that I did absolutely nothing yesterday. I meant to go to yoga but my calves were hurting from a long run on Saturday, so I sat on the couch And it was GLORIOUS.

I confess...that despite all of the fun stuff going on here in the Greenville area in October, I really just can't wait for Halloween. And to spend Halloween in Disney ;)

I confess...that I've honestly had a LOT of crap going on/a lot of stuff running through my head, and I just haven't been into the blogging thing lately. I'm thinking of taking up another 30 day challenge, something that will force me to write. Input, anyone?

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  1. Yes, you should definitely do some kind of challenge!

    By the way, my blog changed URL's!

  2. Hurray for skipping yoga :) And sometimes a blogging break is so necessary. We always love to hear from you whenever!!

  3. 1) i love this picture 2) your confessions are awesome!!