Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: August

Well...while I didn't do the best job at starting new tasks last month, I did finish a few :) The only ones I started were to Re-read Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion - I started reading Emma (for the second time) - and to Go 2 weeks without eating meat (though I am allowing myself fish/shrimp, I'm already halfway through this one!).

As for the ones I finished:

Travel to 3 countries I've never visited before I actually almost doubled this one, as last month I went to Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary!
In Berlin, Germany - the first new country I visited on my trip
Try 10 new wines I completed this one in France on 8/17! We did a wine tasting in Hungary and tried 7 wines, then bought a bottle of an 8th wine a little while later....tried a 9th one that night and then had a carafe of a local Provence wine in Marseille on 8/17 :) Unfortunately I didn't write any of the names down...because I was on vacation and just not thinking about that, haha.
At our tasting at the Hungarian House of Wines in Budapest! Definitely worth the money and the time :)
Go 1 month without eating fast food This actually wasn't as difficult as I thought, though to be honest I did allow myself Subway a couple of times. I know that some people feel that Subway is "fast food" but I think a couple veggie subs from there shouldn't nix the fact that I went from Monday 7/4 through Tuesday 8/16 without any other sort of fast food ;) And the only reason I broke my streak was because the only thing open for breakfast in the Budapest airport on 8/16 was Burger King. Let's not talk about how disgusting I felt after eating said breakfast.

Anyway, not too shabby considering I was away from home for most of the month, no? I hope everyone else had a good August! Pin It


  1. so jealous, I want to get out of the country so bad! I need an exotic vacation...

  2. Well done on completing some more goals! One of mine is to go vegetarian for a week, not sure how I'll go with that one (can't do your version as I can't stand seafood!)

  3. what an amazing vacation - and i love this idea of the goals. i remember reading your post about it before... but now i'm thinking i may have to start my own!

  4. nice job on the goals! glad the vacation was fun.

  5. It looks like your list is coming along nicely! :) That contiki trip totally helped you out. Haha. Definitely not too shabby for being away for so long.