Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New fad? I think so.

You know, I refused to participate in planking. I didn't get it. I thought owling was a bit funnier, but it wasn't until one drunk night in Vegas that I attempted my own version of the latter fad.

Unfortunately, it just...didn't work out quite like I hoped. Because the only picture in which it actually looked like I was owling showed...a bit too much. That's what I get for "owling" in a dress, I suppose.

In fact, the only decent picture that was captured made it look like I was doing something entirely different.

This, folks, is VELOCIRAPTORING. Or the short version could be "Raptoring", I guess. Basically it involves one posing like this in random places, but if you can catch a photo of someone sneaking up on people in said pose...that's even better!

I am shamelessly taking this picture off my locked-up Facebook and posting it on my public blog. Because I thought it was funny when my friend Jonathan posted it, but the fact that it got 16 comments about my new fad Velociraptoring just...speaks for itself. No?

So, who's going to do the Velociraptor next? :) :) :) Pin It


  1. I totally laughed at this. :) While I certainly won't be doing it, I will appreciate it if I saw anyone doing it and I wasn't the unsuspecting recipient.

  2. LOL it does look a lot more fun than planking, but I think I'll let other people help you get it to go viral!

  3. Some kids in my high school actually did that--I think it was called "Raptor Attack!" I swear I have a picture somewhere on Facebook of my friend John doing it in one of our pictures. It was a bit different, though, because unlike planking/owling/raptoring, it was all about the movement. These guys would stalk around like raptors and hiss at you. If you caught one being still for a camera, that was just luck. lol

    (P.S. This is Maria. I just tried to post as myself in Google about 100 times, but your blog hates me.)

  4. I'll admit, I'm more into koalaing, but this VELOCIRAPTORING (like how I just copy-pasted that instaed of attempted to spell it?) might convert me , only intoxicated of course. haha

  5. Awesome! I love it, I'll be doing your new move when I go to Vegas this upcoming week! :)

    I used to do the "raging bull" with a friend of mine. I made it up so it's not really a "move" but we would both put our heads down and stomp our feet like bulls then we would charge at each other with our hands up like horns and slam into each other. Lame but fun!

    I'm glad that you shared this pic and did not keep it in facebook land.