Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Writer's Block Wednesday

A friend posted a writer's block question this morning - "What do you like best about your city or hometown? What do you want to change?" - and I knew I just had to answer this one :)

I'll start with my hometown. I grew up in Ellington, Connecticut. When I was living there it was a beautiful, almost old-fashioned farm town. Seriously, there were more cows than people and laws against fast food establishments. Although I didn't care for Ellington when I was younger, as I've grown up I've learned to appreciate the fact that I grew up in a clean, quiet place.
Unfortunately, there's no such thing as an idyllic small town, and Ellington was also rife with ridiculous taxes and business laws put in place by people who did nothing but stymie the town's growth. And the gossiping was horrendous. I won't even get into the cult. (Yeah, I went there). I don't think I need to talk about how I'd change it because that about sums it up ;)

My city now is the place I've come to think of as my true home - Greenville, South Carolina. What do I love about it? The cheap cost of living, the warm[er] weather, the size (not too big OR too small), and just downtown in general. Shops, awesome restaurants, fun bars...what more could I ask for?
Again, though, no place is perfect. Sometimes the people here are too slow - and by too slow, I'm talking about both the speed in which they get things done and intelligence in general. The terrible education system in this area is partly to blame and that would be the first thing I would work on. Also, the way they treat animals down here is appalling and I'd love to do something about that :-/

I'm lucky to have lived in some really amazing places in my life, and I've seen both the good and the bad in most of them (though one place I would never move back to or suggest to anyone I cared about as a place to live, heh). Honestly, sometimes it takes stepping away and viewing a place from a distance to determine how you truly feel or felt about it as a home. As for that, I can merely say that I'm glad I was able to see how awesome Greenville truly was and end up back here in the end :) Pin It

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