Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Vegas Style!

I leave for Vegas later today - my 7th trip out there! - so it's only fitting that I give a shout out to one of my favorite cities ever in this week's Thirsty Thursday post :)

One drink Vegas does best is the giant alcoholic slushy. You can get them in almost ANY flavor. They're not necessarily "cheap" but the amount of drink you get (and the alcohol content) as compared to the cost makes them probably the best drink investment in a VERY expensive city!
November 2007 - The Football frozen drink at Mermaids on Fremont! (no idea what flavor that was)
Frozen Yard Margaritas (the mango flavor is to die for!) at La Salsa in the Forum Shops at Caesar's, September 2008
Frozen Pina Coladas in Eiffel Towers from The Paris! (September 2008)
This particular drink was actually just OJ & Vodka, but the ceramic balloon is yet another way to get your Vegas frozen drink fix (at the Paris, of course - this one is from April 2009)
Another La Salsa Margarita! Theirs are just my favorites. Plus if you buy the yard margarita and bring your cup back, you get discounted refills! Please excuse this silly picture of me, by the way. (June 2010)
What are you waiting for? Get your @$$ out to Vegas and partake in some yummy frozen beverages ;) I know I'll be doing that in about 12 hours! Pin It

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