Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am a good cook.

Really, I am, I promise.

Most of the time I can tell when a recipe needs to be altered, but once in a while I don't listen to my better judgment.

I'm always willing to try new meals, as well - which has led to some really great discoveries, and some dishes that I'll never cook again.

I've posted plenty of yummy recipes in here, but I think it's equally important to admit that sometimes I am disappointed in my attempts to cook a good meal. This Rachael Ray recipe for a "Chicken 'Pot Roast' with Sassy Salsa" was one of those disappointments. A huge one.

First of all - it doesn't really even look appetizing.


Normally I love Rachael Ray's recipes. I've found a few duds from her magazine and cookbooks, but considering the number of awesome meals I've made thanks to her, in general I've been happy enough not to complain.

But this recipe was just wrong. First of all, it calls for a whole chicken (about 4 pounds) and a ridiculous amount of veggies to be cooked on low for just six hours. I thought this sounded wrong. I seriously considered upping the time. But then I was worried it would dry out the chicken if I cooked it for, say, 8 hours. So I followed the recipe. Needless to say, the chicken was not cooked through and required another 30-ish minutes of roasting in the oven. I didn't even think about the fact that the veggies wouldn't cook either, but they didn't - or at least, the thinly sliced potatoes didn't!

Add to that the completely unnecessary salsa, which taste-wise did not mesh with this chicken and these particular veggies at all, and you can imagine how annoyed I was.

Upon re-heating the entire shebang as leftovers - the now-cut-up chicken, its juices, and the remainder of the veggies - for an hour at 375 degrees, those thinly sliced potatoes still weren't cooked. At this point I simply gave up, and even though there was enough food left for us to make another full meal out of it, it had to go.

I did keep the salsa though, because on its own it's great for breakfast burritos ;) Pin It


  1. I hate when that kind of stuff happens, esp when it means wasted food. I've found that reading the comments to the recipe often tells me WAY more than the actual recipe. Sometimes there are even ~important~ typos IN the actual recipe! The comments can be a goldmine.

  2. @Stacy - Yeah, I got this from her magazine but when I found it on her site (so that I could link to it in this blog) there were no ratings or comments anyway. I'm usually pretty good about paying attentions to ratings and whatnot when I find recipes online. Like you I hate wasting food so I was just frustrated beyond belief at this recipe :-/

  3. Oh dear. I hate when recipes turn out sucky. Sometimes you can follow things perfectly and it just doesn't taste even marginally as good as what they say. Although sometimes it's totally my fault when I read something wrong. Haha. But like your other commenter said, I usually read the comments to see what's going on. (And won't make something that doesn't have any/good comments. Haha.)