Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm trying to love fall, really I am.

I'm stealing this from Sweet Bef's blog because I'm in the same boat as she is...the one about not knowing what to post about, that is. Because I'm still not sure I love fall. I'm a summer kind of girl. I love hot weather and swimming and sundresses and flip flops and iced coffee and I could go on and on and on. But per the title of this entry, this year I'm trying to embrace fall. I'm trying to love it. Really I am. So here goes!

1. Nothing says fall like...bright autumn leaves; pumpkin- and other gourd-themed meals, desserts, and beers; fairs and festivals; Macintosh apples and Indian Summer days (sorry, had to throw that one in there!)
My parents' old farm in CT circa fall 2003
Apple picking in CT just before moving to SC, October 2009
Enjoying Greer Oktoberfest earlier this month
2. My favorite autumn tradition is...the switch back to hot coffee. Yeah, I know I said I love iced coffee, but on that first chilly morning (here in SC, usually in October) when all you want is a nice hot cup of coffee, it really does hit the spot ;) However, I also love setting up the Christmas tree. We drink [spiked] egg nog, play cheesy Christmas music and decorate the house the weekend immediately after Thanksgiving, so hey, it's still fall!
This is actually a homemade egg nog latte; my first of the year!
First Christmas tree in our SC house, November 2009
Also, my birthday. Which is in December but technically in the fall. And don't we all get to love our birthdays? ;)

3. My favorite fall treat is...pumpkin spice & egg nog lattes at Starbucks (I actually prefer the egg nog ones but I guess those are more Christmas/wintery), pumpkin beers a la Southern Tier's Pumking, and these amazing chocolate chip pumpkin muffins that Stacy introduced me to!

4. Fall makes me think of...Halloween is always the first thing that comes to mind! But also Thanksgiving, a bit. And football.

5. Autumn free form word association, go! ... Vermont, turkey, pumpkin, costumes, cold. Seriously, those were the first five words that popped into my head. You figure it out.

6. My go-to outfit in the fall is...jeggings/skinny jeans/leggings with flat boots and layered t's or sweaters. And I also enjoy the wearing of hats (more so than scarves). I'm too lazy to go find pictures of outfits like this.

7. My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving) ...Halloween Halloween Halloween! I love the parties, the bite-size candy, getting to wear a crazy costume...just...everything.
Halloween 2008
Halloween 2009
Halloween 2010
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  1. i love all the seasons but especially fall (and winter definitely takes last place). i don't know what it is, really. the coziness, the holidays, the chill in the air. who knows, i just know i love the way everything feels, looks, and smells.

  2. You and Steve are so cute! I love how into dressing up you guys get. And I love the location of your Christmas tree! I imagine it must look great from the outside as well. :) I totally wish my hair was conducive to hats. But it's very much so not. So I need to up my scarf collection to make up for it. Haha.