Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: September

Well, I guess I have to rip off this bandaid.

I absolutely sucked at my 101 list last month :-/

To be fair to myself, I was really on a roll for the first four months and that had to come to an end sometime. And I've got some big things in the works for October. I think. heh.

I did finish one single goal in September - Go two weeks without eating meat

I did allow myself fish, but only ended up eating shrimp twice. And honestly, I didn't miss meat at all this time around! (For those of you newer to my blog, last year one of the Change Your Life Challenges was to go a week without eating meat, and by day three or so I was seriously craving a cheeseburger.) I started on 8/25 and went through 9/8 (one day over two weeks). I decided to check off this particular one at this point because I was so tired of meat after our trip to eastern Europe in August.

Although I only finished that one goal and didn't really start any new ones, I did make some good progress on other goals - I only have one more new recipe to go before I finish my "make 25 new meals" goal, I'm only two movies away from my "see 10 movies in theaters" goal, and also finished a handful of new books toward my "reading 50 new books" goal.

I just hope I can get my shit together for October ;) Pin It

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  1. I didn't do very well on my list this month either. In fact, I think you did better than me!