Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Keurig Debacle

We visited seven different houses/apartments during our trip to New England for Thanksgiving.

All but two of them had Keurig machines.
In fact, scratch that - one of those two may or may not have had a Keurig. We don't remember. But even if it was only 5 out of 7...that's a statement right there.

You see, Steve and I are big coffee people. We have both a very nice coffee machine and an espresso machine. We buy whole bean coffee and grind it ourselves (with a motorized grinder of course). During the summer, we freeze our extra coffee into cubes so that Steve can make his "famous" homemade iced coffee.

Of course we knew about the Keurig and the K-Cups. Okay, I knew about them. But I never really thought about them, at least not until approximately 71% of the coffee machines that I saw over a three day period were Keurigs. For a moment I was almost convinced, wondering Why don't we have one of these?

And then I did the math. One K-Cup makes one cup of coffee. If you buy your K-Cups at Costco, according to my father in law they end up "costing" about 50 cents each. Even if I err on the side of caution, the decent whole bean coffee we buy and use ends up costing us about 20 cents a cup. We may throw out a few cups' worth of coffee a week, but with the amount of coffee we drink (at least 2 cups per person, per day) we definitely don't "waste" over $8 of coffee a week.

Now, I totally get why single people use the Keurig and if I lived by myself it would absolutely be worth it, if only because it's way less of a hassle. And if you play with the little strength menu, it makes a good cup of coffee to boot. But for now we'll stick with our regular coffee machine, and I'll leave you with an example the general silliness that comes out of Steve's mouth sometimes:

STEVE: "Go make me a cup of coffee in the Katie Couric."
ME: "Uhh...what?"
STEVE: "The Katie Couric! That machine everyone has!"
ME: "The KEURIG???"
STEVE: "Yeah, or that."
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Confessions

I confess...that though I had some fun traveling back to New England for Thanksgiving, I'm glad to be home and I gotta say...I don't miss living up there. At all. Though I do miss my family and friends.

I confess...that I scoured the house yesterday in hopes of getting my tree up. Then Steve was sweet enough to actually PUT the tree up. And then we got sucked into Battlestar Galactica and didn't decorate it at all. Oops?

I confess...that I'm seriously jonesing to do another video blog...but I don't know what subject to attack! Any suggestions? ;)

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Battlestar Galactica Love

This is why I love my friends ;) Out of the blue last night (on his end I mean) I texted one of my close friends. This conversation brought to you by my recent and well-deserved obsession with Battlestar Galactica:

Spoiler Alert! (not that it much matters for most people though, as this show finished back in 2009)

ME: Holy sh*t...Chief AND Colonel Tigh???
MIKE: Fo sho...I thought you would have called when Starbuck bit it
ME: Nah, I had a feeling something was up with that and she'd be back
MIKE: Show is soooo good

True story...especially that part about this being an amazing show.

As a side note, here are some amazing examples of sagas:
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Battlestar Galactica
A Song of Ice and Fire (a.k.a. the HBO series Game of Thrones)

The antithesis of saga?

Twilight, of course ;) Pin It

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm thankful...that I have a sense of humor ;)
Seriously, can we talk about why people are so obsessed with turkey? A lovely fellow blogger, Sweet and Sour Lou Lou, admitted recently that she doesn't care for turkey all that much. And to be honest, neither do I. I'll eat it on Thanksgiving and it's not too shabby when it's properly SMOKED, but I just don't love it. In fact, the only traditional Thanksgiving food that I actually LIKE is stuffing. I prefer baked potatoes to mashed, I don't like green bean casserole, and pies really aren't my thing. No wonder I don't gain a bunch of weight on this holiday. So hey! I guess I'm thankful for the fact that I don't inevitably stuff myself on Thanksgiving because I'm just not that fond of the traditional Thanksgiving foods ;)

"Fate chooses your relations; you choose your friends." - Jacques Delille

I actually don't mind my family all that much, so let's say I'm thankful for them. But I'm also thankful for the other wonderful people in my life...the ones who are in my life by choice (mine and theirs)...my friends!

And last but not least...I'm thankful for my wonderful pets!

"In rescuing animals, I lost my mind...but found my soul."

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Favorite Recipe

I've been making this particular recipe for well over a year and a half, and it's one that I pull out as often as I can because it's just that good. It does involve a lot of ingredients and the prep is a bit time-consuming, but it's one of those not-quick-or-easy recipes that is absolutely worth the work and the wait :)

Creamy BLT Mac-n-Cheese

1 pound ziti pasta
Extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO)
8 slices bacon, chopped
2 [medium sized] leeks - trimmed, halved lengthwise and sliced crosswise
4 large or 6 medium cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
3 heaping tablespoons tomato paste
Two 8 oz. bricks cream cheese, cut into pieces
2 cups shredded Asiago cheese, separated
1 pint grape tomatoes, halved
Baby Arugula or Spring Mix greens as a side
Balsamic Vinegar

-Preheat the oven to 500°. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, salt it, add the pasta and cook until al dente. Drain, reserving 1 cup pasta cooking water.

-While the pasta is working, heat a drizzle of EVOO in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the bacon and cook until crisp at the edges, 3 to 5 minutes. Add the leeks and cook until softened, 3 minutes. Add the garlic and crushed red pepper and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Stir in the tomato paste for 1 minute. Stir in the cream cheese until melted. Stir in half of the Asiago cheese (1 cup), then the reserved pasta cooking water.

- Put the pasta in a casserole and toss with the sauce. Top with the tomatoes and remaining shredded cheese. Bake until browned on top, 7 to 8 minutes.

Serve the Arugula/Spring Mix on the side with drizzles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Confessions

I confess...that I'm exhausted and still fighting bronchitis and therefore so SO glad that this week is a two-day work week for me.

I confess...that my sister begged me to go see Breaking Dawn Part 1 with her this weekend...and I gave in and went. And it was as awful as I expected and I hated every moment of the 2+ hours I was in that theater. This is how much I love my family.

I confess...that I spent two hours cooing at my newest niece Ava yesterday. Sometimes I like babies, really I do. Emphasis on the "sometimes".

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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Epic Anti-Twilight Rant

I wrote this rant some time ago, but it seemed an appropriate time to post it. I keep meaning to write similar, err, "reviews" of the rest of the Twilight books/movies...eventually I will, so if you enjoy this one...well, stay tuned ;)

Once upon a time there was a woman. She was 25. She loved to read. She was always looking for a great new series or author to suck her into that wonderful world of fiction. And a large portion of her friend base was ranting and raving about Twilight and it's epic Bella-Edward Romeo & Juliet-esque story. So on one fateful day, she made a shopping trip to Sam's Club, and lo and behold, they had the entire Twilight "saga" on sale.

That should have been her first warning, but even our heroine can make mistakes.

Soon after her big purchase, this woman went home and cracked open the book that started it all - Twilight. Just a few pages in, she was already forming snarky comments in her head. Why did she keep reading, you ask? Well, because she has never not finished a book. Ever. And she wasn't about to start a bad habit by not finishing this easy-read piece of trash. Thus begins our journey...because of course, our heroine was, in fact, me. And Lord knows I can't keep my mouth shut when I read something as downright terrible as the Twilight series.

The first problem I noticed with this novel is the main character, Bella. Bella is described as a perfectly average girl--probably cute, a little smarter than most, but nothing special. And by special, I mean that she not only doesn't have any amazing characteristics - she also has no flaws. I refuse to count her "endearing clutziness" as a flaw, considering everyone apparently loves her for it.

And there is the second problem - everyone loves her. Seriously, she moves to a small town where everyone knows everyone else, yet they are all immediately accepting of and enamored with a plain, shy girl. One must remember that this is what happens when someone who was probably unpopular and chubby in high school writes a book based on her sad, pathetic fantasies. And I can say this because I was unpopular and chubby in my younger days...only I didn't remain delusional as an adult. Thank God.

Speaking of sad, pathetic fantasies - Twilight begins the Bella-Edward relationship by perpetrating that silly myth that boys who treat you like crap actually really like you. This has no basis in reality after maybe 4th or 5th grade, but of course Stephenie Meyer wouldn't want to admit that because then the fact that all the boys she want to school with treating her like crap would actually mean that she was unpopular and chubby.

I suppose it's not exactly mature of me to pick on someone who obviously had such a terrible youth, so let's move on to the next major issue with this story - the lack of vampires. That's right, I said it - there is a serious lack of vampires in this book, considering what it is supposed to be about. Now, I don't pretend to be some sort of vampire scholar - this is actually the first "vampire novel" I ever read, and beyond catching a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I was never big on vampire shows or movies, either. But I'm pretty sure that vampires are supposed to be allergic to sunlight, garlic, holy water and crucifixes. And oh yeah - they're supposed to drink blood. Human blood. I think Ms. Meyer focused on the absolute wrong points of Interview with a Vampire when she watched it (probably around a thousand times) in her younger days. Edward Cullen and his "family" are lame, even without the whole sparkling-in-the-sunlight thing. And don't even get me started on that.

All too soon, we learn that Edward sneaks into Bella's room at night and watches her sleep. I seriously wish that I knew what was going through Stephenie Meyer's head when she wrote about this. "What is the absolute most romantic thing my vampire hero could do for the mortal girl that he's in love with? OMG OMG OMG I know! He can sneak into her bedroom, uninvited, while she is sleeping, and stare at her from the corner all night! I would have totally wanted my high school boyfriend to do that for me...Oh wait, I didn't have a high school boyfriend, but if I had..."

While we're talking about the creep factor...at a certain point, age is about experience, not time. No matter how "old" Bella is for her age, and regardless of the fact that Edward was 17 when he was turned into a vampire, I can't get it out of my head that this is like a middle-aged man dating a teenager. Not only is it obnoxious, but what would two people with such an "age" difference really have in common? And liking Clair de Lune doesn't count. Everyone likes Clair de Lune. That's like saying "You think Shakespeare was brilliant? What a coincidence, so do I!"

The age thing is also an issue with me when considering Carlisle. No one seems to question the fact that Carlisle was hundreds of years old (despite being only in his 20s when he was transformed) when he turned two teenagers (Edward and Rosalie) and another younger man (Emmett) into vampires. In fact, only his "wife", Esme, was older than him in human years when she was turned. Let's get beyond the fact that I even remember this much from the books and question why this man has such a pension for "saving" very young humans from "certain death" by turning them into vampires.

Funny, though, that when Bella is bitten by an actual vampire, the usually-in-control Carlisle "can't" suck the "vampire venom" from her and needs Edward to do it for him. The only explanations I've heard for this are weak ones given by Twilight fanatics, because of course Stephenie Meyer can't be expected to fill the many plot holes in her own books.

In conclusion, I need to bring up a more serious issue with this book - that being the general relationship between Bella and Edward. Edward is, as every fantasy male should be, handsome, rich, intelligent, obsessive, overprotective, and controlling.

Wait a minute, what were those last three "qualities"?

It is drilled into the reader's mind that Bella can't do anything on her own (because she's clutzy, remember?) and needs Edward to watch over (even in her sleep) and protect her. At the end of Twilight, when Edward threatens to leave her (with the oh-so-awesome reasoning that doing so would "protect" her), Bella insists that he can never leave her, she couldn't live without him, blah blah blah. And instead of seeing the light and realizing what he's gotten himself into (this girl is clingy and psychotic, no?), Edward stays. Not that he was ever really planning on leaving her in the first place--as anyone who has been in a controlling, possessive, abusive relationship knows, threatening to leave will simply make it easier to bend her to his will. Bella has now become a sort of anti-heroine - completely submissive and self-sacrificing for the "man she loves", while all Edward does in return is be with her. Of course, that's all find and dandy because she's "not good enough" for him anyway, in her mind.

To be completely honest, had I read this book at 15, before I'd ever been in love and known what it was to be loved, I probably would have had a secret obsession with it. Secret, because I would have been intelligent enough to see just how badly written it was - the poorly portrayed characters, the plot holes, the pages and pages of crappy filler consisting of Bella and Edward gazing longingly at each other. Shit, had I read it at 22, I probably would have heaved a big sigh over the fact that I had married too young, was no longer in love, and would never again experience a "great romance" like that of Bella and Edward.

Thankfully, I read it at 25, when I had been through a relationship with someone who made all of my major decisions and did everything for me, because of course I was a girl and didn't know what was best for myself. Thankfully, I had gotten out of that relationship and found my true soul mate - a man with whom I have nearly everything in common, who was honest with me from the start, sees my potential, and treats me like a goddess, not a spoiled princess. Thankfully, I am one of many people (although unfortunately, possibly not the majority of people, at least within my social circle) who sees this book for the drivel that it is.

See also...
  The end...at least until I have the time to delve into the masochistic dirge that is New Moon. Pin It

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writer's Block Wednesday

If I could travel back in time it would be to....  

Let's see. I think in general people would be inclined to say that they'd go back to a certain period or periods in their own lives, but personally I just don't think any good could come of that. I like where I am now, truly I do, and if I were to go back and re-live any point, or change anything, it would likely change my present or change the way I feel about my present. No bueno.

That said, I was a history major in college and I have a huge fascination with so many different periods of history - but to me one of the very most interesting would be the Roaring 20s :) I actually did my senior thesis on "Why Prohibition Didn't Work". I love the music, the clothes, the decor...everything from that era. I'd love to meet Fitzgerald and Hemingway and pick their genius brains.

Seriously though - despite the shortcomings of the 20s (you know, the gangsters and all that) and the economic crash that followed, it's such an intriguing decade, no?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well I missed that one, big time.

Waaaaay back in July I submitted a letter to The Hindsight Letters - and apparently it was posted last month! I totally missed out on this...I thought they'd tell me when it was posted but I didn't receive any notification. Oh well...check out my post here :) That's all for today, folks. Pin It

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Confessions

I confess...that I called out of work (sick) on Friday. For the first time since mid-December last year. And I was bored out of my mind all day, so much so that despite the fact that I'm actually feeling WORSE right now (as compared to Friday), I'm at work. Go figure.

I confess...that I can't stop looking at, thinking about, or using my new Macbook Pro. I haven't felt this way about a piece of technology since I first got an iPhone way back in the summer of 2009. ::insert long sigh here::

I confess...that after spending Saturday afternoon down in Greenville county, I am so so SO glad that we live in Greenville city. The restaurant where we ate dinner is like the big new thing in Simpsonville and even the worst restaurants downtown so far surpass this place, it's not even funny.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Book Review: Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

This was without a doubt the worst Palahniuk book I've read to date. I'm sorry, but there it is. Normally I really like his novels - some better than others, of course - but Haunted was just awful. Both as a book by him and as a stand-alone read.

I have read enough Palahniuk books (I think...7 of them, now) to know that he specializes in shock value. And in that twist that you maybe almost didn't see coming. Well, the problem(s) with Haunted is that Palahniuk goes so far beyond the shock value that he presents in his other novels that I could barely force myself to finish reading it. I mean, I've been a bit "grossed out" at certain portions of his books before, but in this novel was disgusting from beginning to end. Barely a page when by without my cringing. And as for the twist...it was practically nonexistent, and only a really really good twist could have salvaged this story, in my opinion.

In the past I've found reasons to recommend Palahniuk's books, even the ones that weren't exactly my favorites, but I think this one is simply a book to avoid. 1/5 stars.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogs from the Past: 6/22/2004

I have fought with myself a bit over which old blog entries I will include here...because I started writing in a blog not long after I married Ex, and at that time I was not yet jaded about our relationship. Which means I wrote some very positive things about him. But isn't that how relationships are? Should we really push all positive memories of a former significant other out of our minds? I think not, so I've decided to share the following blog entry.

For so long I was this complete romantic idiot who believed that being in love with someone would be absolutely perfect. There would rarely, if ever, be arguments, and there would be this perfect passion every time we so much as kissed. But as every day passes, I realize that true love is not like that. To begin an explanation of what I mean, I will include a very small excerpt from something I wrote. To give a bit of background on this excerpt, right before it the main character Bree had an argument with her fiance Connor, and immediately following this argument her aunt called to tell her that she would not be coming to their wedding. Bree was extremely upset about all of this, not to mention stressed out because of the wedding; however, she arrived home later that evening to find Connor there, waiting to comfort her...

"I was still too tired and upset to smile, but at that moment I realized why it was that I was marrying Connor. I knew he was not the type of person that awakened every emotional and physical passion within me—he was not the one that lit fires inside of me. That person had been Adam. But had Adam and I been in the current situation, he would not have driven over an hour out of his way just to hold me and talk to me and make me feel better.

You see, girls don’t marry the boys that light fires inside of them—they become women and marry men like Connor, men who, in all of those small, yet very important, ways, are made just for them."

When I first met Ex, it was by no means love at first sight. It was more like...the longer I knew him, the more time we spent together, the more I learned about him, the more I loved him - until at some indeterminable point, I fell IN love with him. I don't by any means regret marrying him, because I know that we were meant to marry each other, but still, even when I was standing beside him on our wedding day, I thought that I was marrying him because I was completely in love with him. Right now, though, I realize that I did not know at that time what true love was.

True love is waking up every weekday morning at 7:20 AM to him rubbing my back, so that we can tell each other "I love you" and share a kiss before he leaves for work.

True love is setting aside an hour or two a day during which I make sure that I have a decent dinner ready for him when he gets home from work.

True love is sitting on the couch together watching a movie, and eventually moving our hands together so that even if we aren't holding hands, we're touching.

True love is cuddling up next to each other every night when we crawl into bed together.

True love is just sitting around and bullshitting about nothing, because all that really matters is that we're having a decent conversation.

There are so many other things...I wish I could make people understand. So many married couples told me that I would never understand what true love, what truly being in love was, until I was married for some time. They were right.

Now, the above entry was something I heartily believed when I wrote it in June 2004, not even a month after mine and Ex's one-year wedding anniversary. Do I still believe some of it? Yes, of course. I believe that only time with a person can show you the wonderful sort of love you'll have with the man or woman who is right for you. But as I've since found someone who can give me all of that everyday love yet still light fires in me, I don't agree with what I wrote about not marrying someone who does as much.

The fact of the matter is, I simply married the wrong person the first time around. But at least I can admit that. Pin It

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good things come to those who wait.

For my 20-somethingth birthday in December 2006 (that's right, I'm not telling you exactly how old I was/am) my parents bought me a new laptop. At that point I had a Dell Latitude that was purchased for me in May 2002 (for college of course) and it was just. awful. Part of the problem was that I didn't quite take care of it the way I should, but that's besides the point as it still somehow lasted four and a half years.

Anywho, back to that new laptop that was gifted to me in December 2006. It was a Dell Inspiron and I babied the crap out of it. I treated it much better than I ever treated ye olde Latitude. Last year I did have to replace the hard drive (my computer got pulled off the coffee table in our living room and somehow this caused like...a mark or crack on the hard drive, I don't know; I'm not saying it was one of the dogs' faults, but it certainly wasn't a human or a cat that caused this accident); thankfully Steve was able to just buy me a new one and install it himself and it cost us all of $60 or $80. This was a new boost for my tired laptop, but unfortunately lately it's been lagging again. Being really slow, freezing for no reason, making strange noises.

And this time, I knew it was the time. The time I'd been putting off, because I couldn't afford the computer I wanted. But I saved some money on our Florida trip last month, and my birthday is coming up - so I didn't feel bad for splurging. Today, it arrived.
Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo.
I ended up going with the 13-inch not only because it was far less expensive, but because I travel so much that a smaller, more compact computer sounded like a good idea to me. My old Inspiron is a 15 inch and that thing feels damn bulky when you're lugging it around in a backpack, you know? That said, I've got a Speck cover on the way (orange!) and I bought a little protective bag for it at our local Apple store this weekend. I'm going to go to a new level of babying with this computer, that's for sure.

Of course Steve said I wasn't allowed to open it without him and BOO to that! But I'll humor him and save the real excitement - taking it out and turning it on and using it - for when I'm not at work ;) Pin It

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Confessions (after a short break)

I confess...that I finally started watching Battlestar Galactica and while I'm not too keen on the "documentary style" of filming, I'm definitely hooked on the show and storyline.

I confess...that after years of contemplating doing so, I broke down and bought a Macbook Pro! Just a little 13", which will be perfect for me considering how much I travel, but I'm super excited :)

I confess...that even though I just returned from Disney this past Wednesday, I'm already planning my next trip down there. Though not much is new there.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review: Persuasion by Jane Austen

I didn't much care for Persuasion the first time I read it, and to be honest even now it remains among the Jane Austen novels that I like but wouldn't number among my favorite books. However, I will say that reading it a second time definitely improved my opinion. I think the problem lies in the characters - unlikeable ones such as Sir Walter and Miss Elliott simply aren't as unlikeable as say Mr. Collins and Wickham in Pride & Prejudice. And as for the heroes - especially Anne and Captain Wentworth - well, they just aren't as loveable as the forward-thinking outspoken Elizabeth Bennett and the stoic yet kind Mr. Darcy. And their story isn't as heart-wrenching as those of the Dashwood sisters of Sense & Sensibility.

What Persuasion does have, though, is something closer to the life of Jane Austen herself - a family running out of money, a woman nearing spinster age forced to move to Bath (a place she hates). For that, I have to love this novel just a little bit more than I thought I would or did. 3.5/5 stars.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: October

I really buckled down this month on my 101 list, after last month's fiasco. Although I didn't really start a lot of new tasks, I did finish a few and make a bit of progress on others. I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures on this entry, but I don't usually include pictures of what I've made progress on, and really only one of my completed tasks could possibly call for pictures, anyway. For instance:

Drink Around the World at least 3 more times for 15 total :) (2/3 as of 10/31/2011) --> I've actually Drank Around the World at Epcot twice this year now, with plans to do it again next year, so I call this some real progress even though I think I've already written about starting this task.

Read at least 50 books that I've never read before (16/50) (through The Help 10/27) -->I really didn't give myself credit on this one last month. Or in August. Because I think I finished more new books in August and September than I did in October (try, like, 7). But I never did post about that progress, so I'm doing it now :)

Go to a Greenville Road Warriors Game (bought tickets in 10/11 for a game in 11/11) --> I count this as progress because I have the tickets in hand and the game is coming up within the next month!

Make Christy's old living room AWESOME :) --> Per my recent entry about home renovations, we have come up with some pretty big plans for this room in our house. I had already marked this as progress because she had moved out, we had cleaned up the room, and we knew we were going to build a bar in it...but now we've actually bought plans, drawn diagrams, and purchased some wood, tools, etc...I'm hoping to be able to mark this completed by the first of next year.

Don't do anything more than trim my hair for 1 year (bangs don't count; started 4/20/2011, though I hadn't cut my hair since October 2010) --> Last month marked one year since I had done any cutting to my hair, and I still didn't cut it. However, I'm being a real sport with this one and using the start date for my 101 challenge as the start date for not cutting my hair, also. However, I'm marking this as progress because October 20th marked 6 months from that start date as well. And now that I've said start date a dozen times or so...on to my completed tasks!

Re-read The Great Gatsby  I finished reading it on 10/13.

Re-read Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion  This task was finished on 10/24/2011...though I actually started reading Emma all the way back in August. Oops?

Improve photography by reading Scott Kelby book and taking a class I began this task way back in July by taking a class on 7/23; I also started the Scott Kelby book way back then but didn't finish it until 10/21. This was due to the fact that it's a PDF on my computer, which I didn't bring to Europe in August, and also because I took a break from the Kelby book to read another book on digital photography & lighting :) Here are some pictures I've taken that I'm most proud of...
My beautiful sister and niece
The Duck
Mumulonocron Cat
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, just outside of Berlin
Astronomical Clock in Prague
Tack room at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
Hungarian Paprikas in Budapest
Wine at Greenville's Sippin' Safari at the Zoo
Make 25 new recipes Okay, first things first, I'd actually made 28 out of 25 recipes as of 10/13. The link here goes to my "food and recipes" page, though not all of the new ones have been posted yet...everyone loves a good recipe idea, right? ;)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday!

First things first - I thought I'd scheduled some drafts to post while I was on vacation this past weekend/earlier this week...but apparently that just...didn't happen. I would give excuses but there are none - I was in Disney World and simply not thinking about my blog. That said, it's once again time for...

Last week during my diatribe on Egg Nog Lattes, I mentioned that I would eventually be posting mixed drink recipes that use Egg Nog. Well, it's not yet time for that ;) Because first I need to post my very own Pumpkin Pie Martini recipe!

I stumbled upon Fulton's Pumpkin Pie Liqueur when doing my alcohol run for our Florida trip, and I just had to pick some up. Of course I brought it home and realized that most recipes called for Baileys and other liquors/liqueurs that we simply didn't have. So I made up my own recipe and thankfully...it was delicious!

Tara's Pumpkin Pie Martini

1 (slightly overflowing) shot Fulton's Pumpkin Pie Liqueur
Approx. 2/3 shot Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka
1 shot regular Vodka
1 shot half and half

-Put some ice in a shaker, add all ingredients, shake well and pour in a Martini glass. Drink immediately and then make another one and drink that too. Repeat. (haha)
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