Friday, November 11, 2011

Book Review: Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

This was without a doubt the worst Palahniuk book I've read to date. I'm sorry, but there it is. Normally I really like his novels - some better than others, of course - but Haunted was just awful. Both as a book by him and as a stand-alone read.

I have read enough Palahniuk books (I think...7 of them, now) to know that he specializes in shock value. And in that twist that you maybe almost didn't see coming. Well, the problem(s) with Haunted is that Palahniuk goes so far beyond the shock value that he presents in his other novels that I could barely force myself to finish reading it. I mean, I've been a bit "grossed out" at certain portions of his books before, but in this novel was disgusting from beginning to end. Barely a page when by without my cringing. And as for the was practically nonexistent, and only a really really good twist could have salvaged this story, in my opinion.

In the past I've found reasons to recommend Palahniuk's books, even the ones that weren't exactly my favorites, but I think this one is simply a book to avoid. 1/5 stars.

"'You cannot be the person they know and the great, glorious person you want to become. Not at the same time.'"

"'Until you can ignore your circumstances, and just do as you'll always be controlled by the world.'"

"In your own mind, you are always right. Every action you take - what you do or say or how you choose to appear - is automatically right the moment you act."

"'Americans are the world's best at doing their work.' And studying and competition. But we suck when it comes time to relax."

"...animals are fast becoming the last real victims. The only slaves and prey. 'Animals...are how we define humans. Without animals, there would be no humanity. In a world of just people, people will mean nothing.'"

"'Anything's only for sale because no one wants it.'" Pin It

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