Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good things come to those who wait.

For my 20-somethingth birthday in December 2006 (that's right, I'm not telling you exactly how old I was/am) my parents bought me a new laptop. At that point I had a Dell Latitude that was purchased for me in May 2002 (for college of course) and it was just. awful. Part of the problem was that I didn't quite take care of it the way I should, but that's besides the point as it still somehow lasted four and a half years.

Anywho, back to that new laptop that was gifted to me in December 2006. It was a Dell Inspiron and I babied the crap out of it. I treated it much better than I ever treated ye olde Latitude. Last year I did have to replace the hard drive (my computer got pulled off the coffee table in our living room and somehow this caused like...a mark or crack on the hard drive, I don't know; I'm not saying it was one of the dogs' faults, but it certainly wasn't a human or a cat that caused this accident); thankfully Steve was able to just buy me a new one and install it himself and it cost us all of $60 or $80. This was a new boost for my tired laptop, but unfortunately lately it's been lagging again. Being really slow, freezing for no reason, making strange noises.

And this time, I knew it was the time. The time I'd been putting off, because I couldn't afford the computer I wanted. But I saved some money on our Florida trip last month, and my birthday is coming up - so I didn't feel bad for splurging. Today, it arrived.
Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo.
I ended up going with the 13-inch not only because it was far less expensive, but because I travel so much that a smaller, more compact computer sounded like a good idea to me. My old Inspiron is a 15 inch and that thing feels damn bulky when you're lugging it around in a backpack, you know? That said, I've got a Speck cover on the way (orange!) and I bought a little protective bag for it at our local Apple store this weekend. I'm going to go to a new level of babying with this computer, that's for sure.

Of course Steve said I wasn't allowed to open it without him and BOO to that! But I'll humor him and save the real excitement - taking it out and turning it on and using it - for when I'm not at work ;) Pin It


  1. I just got a MacBook Pro too and I absolutely LOVE it! Have fun with your new baby.