Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Keurig Debacle

We visited seven different houses/apartments during our trip to New England for Thanksgiving.

All but two of them had Keurig machines.
In fact, scratch that - one of those two may or may not have had a Keurig. We don't remember. But even if it was only 5 out of 7...that's a statement right there.

You see, Steve and I are big coffee people. We have both a very nice coffee machine and an espresso machine. We buy whole bean coffee and grind it ourselves (with a motorized grinder of course). During the summer, we freeze our extra coffee into cubes so that Steve can make his "famous" homemade iced coffee.

Of course we knew about the Keurig and the K-Cups. Okay, I knew about them. But I never really thought about them, at least not until approximately 71% of the coffee machines that I saw over a three day period were Keurigs. For a moment I was almost convinced, wondering Why don't we have one of these?

And then I did the math. One K-Cup makes one cup of coffee. If you buy your K-Cups at Costco, according to my father in law they end up "costing" about 50 cents each. Even if I err on the side of caution, the decent whole bean coffee we buy and use ends up costing us about 20 cents a cup. We may throw out a few cups' worth of coffee a week, but with the amount of coffee we drink (at least 2 cups per person, per day) we definitely don't "waste" over $8 of coffee a week.

Now, I totally get why single people use the Keurig and if I lived by myself it would absolutely be worth it, if only because it's way less of a hassle. And if you play with the little strength menu, it makes a good cup of coffee to boot. But for now we'll stick with our regular coffee machine, and I'll leave you with an example the general silliness that comes out of Steve's mouth sometimes:

STEVE: "Go make me a cup of coffee in the Katie Couric."
ME: "Uhh...what?"
STEVE: "The Katie Couric! That machine everyone has!"
ME: "The KEURIG???"
STEVE: "Yeah, or that."
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  1. I have a regular ol' Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker that I love. I got it when I first moved in with Mr. Z and it's perfect for me. I feel like k-cups are rather wasteful because I don't know if all k-cups can be recycled.

  2. I'm so so so so so so excited... my mom just bought my Keurig today. I hope I can make it until Christmas. I'll probably drink eleven or so cups of coffee on Christmas morning. I actually just ordered some pumpkin spice K cups since I'm obsessed with everything pumpkin and they are just a seasonal thing. Anyway, I'm single and the only coffee drinker in my house so this thing is a dream for me, haha. I'll probably do a blog on it when I get mine because I am beyond excited!

  3. Steve's comment just made me laugh! I have a Keurig and I LOVE it! But then again...I'm the only one who drinks coffee daily in my household so for us, it works. Not to mention that I only drink one cup a day. If it's more, then the extra cup comes from the work coffee maker :)I can't wait to try out the wild blueberry coffee K-cups. That's next on my list. I want to compare it to Dunkin Donuts blueberry coffee :)

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker but was thinking the other day about the packaging waste involved with a Keurig. Definitely not a plus.

  5. A couple years ago I was all over my husband trying to get him to buy a Keurig - and like you - he did the math and with 3 of us in the house who drink coffee regularly (and usually more than one cup), it was going to turn into a pretty penny of an investment.. in just coffee! I'm a little sad because I like the idea of being able to brew different types of coffee or hot chocolate 1 cup at a time and all but then again, my husband threatened that if we did get one I'd have to give up buying clothes. Argument over. Husband 1. Me 0.

  6. My dad got one of those since he's the only one who drinks coffee at home. (Although my stepmom uses it for tea sometimes.) I want to like the stuff that comes out of those machines, but to me they all taste like someone melted a brown crayon in hot water. As a single person, I extoll the virtues of the French press. Best coffee ever and very little waste!