Friday, November 4, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: October

I really buckled down this month on my 101 list, after last month's fiasco. Although I didn't really start a lot of new tasks, I did finish a few and make a bit of progress on others. I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures on this entry, but I don't usually include pictures of what I've made progress on, and really only one of my completed tasks could possibly call for pictures, anyway. For instance:

Drink Around the World at least 3 more times for 15 total :) (2/3 as of 10/31/2011) --> I've actually Drank Around the World at Epcot twice this year now, with plans to do it again next year, so I call this some real progress even though I think I've already written about starting this task.

Read at least 50 books that I've never read before (16/50) (through The Help 10/27) -->I really didn't give myself credit on this one last month. Or in August. Because I think I finished more new books in August and September than I did in October (try, like, 7). But I never did post about that progress, so I'm doing it now :)

Go to a Greenville Road Warriors Game (bought tickets in 10/11 for a game in 11/11) --> I count this as progress because I have the tickets in hand and the game is coming up within the next month!

Make Christy's old living room AWESOME :) --> Per my recent entry about home renovations, we have come up with some pretty big plans for this room in our house. I had already marked this as progress because she had moved out, we had cleaned up the room, and we knew we were going to build a bar in it...but now we've actually bought plans, drawn diagrams, and purchased some wood, tools, etc...I'm hoping to be able to mark this completed by the first of next year.

Don't do anything more than trim my hair for 1 year (bangs don't count; started 4/20/2011, though I hadn't cut my hair since October 2010) --> Last month marked one year since I had done any cutting to my hair, and I still didn't cut it. However, I'm being a real sport with this one and using the start date for my 101 challenge as the start date for not cutting my hair, also. However, I'm marking this as progress because October 20th marked 6 months from that start date as well. And now that I've said start date a dozen times or so...on to my completed tasks!

Re-read The Great Gatsby  I finished reading it on 10/13.

Re-read Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion  This task was finished on 10/24/2011...though I actually started reading Emma all the way back in August. Oops?

Improve photography by reading Scott Kelby book and taking a class I began this task way back in July by taking a class on 7/23; I also started the Scott Kelby book way back then but didn't finish it until 10/21. This was due to the fact that it's a PDF on my computer, which I didn't bring to Europe in August, and also because I took a break from the Kelby book to read another book on digital photography & lighting :) Here are some pictures I've taken that I'm most proud of...
My beautiful sister and niece
The Duck
Mumulonocron Cat
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, just outside of Berlin
Astronomical Clock in Prague
Tack room at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
Hungarian Paprikas in Budapest
Wine at Greenville's Sippin' Safari at the Zoo
Make 25 new recipes Okay, first things first, I'd actually made 28 out of 25 recipes as of 10/13. The link here goes to my "food and recipes" page, though not all of the new ones have been posted yet...everyone loves a good recipe idea, right? ;)

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  1. Your photos look really really great! You've inspired me to get back to work on my list. Thanks!

  2. I've been neglecting my list... sigh... but your pictures look great! Keep 'em coming!!

  3. Photos are looking good! The class I took was a good one but I'd like to do more, especially after I get a DSLR!

  4. Love the photos! And thanks for inspiring me to do a 101 Challenge also! :)