Friday, December 16, 2011

Blogs from the past: 8/24/2004

Hello, faithful readers! (if any of you are still out there since I changed my blog name and address...haha) I apologize for my total lack of blogging lately. I wish I had a better excuse than "I'm obsessed with the Song of Ice & Fire series and am spending all my time reading the books and the wiki pages and searching for funny gifs relating to it"...but I don't. So here is a quick "blog from the past" to tide you over :) I was back and forth about whether to share this one, but I figured...what the heck. Basically I was in a bad mood one day and decided to bring up the three things I couldn't get used to about my [first] marriage, and on top of that we'd just "adopted" a new puppy. words speak for themselves, I'm sure ;)

Things I haven't gotten used to when it comes to being married:

3) Whether I want to be with him all the time, or have some time to myself. When he was leaving for work at 7:15 AM and not getting back until 6 PM, it was too long of a day by myself...but now that he's working out of the house, it just about drives me crazy that I'm not getting any alone time.

2) You think it's questionable what you should and shouldn't tell girlfriends when you have a BOYFRIEND. Apparently, once you get married, the majority of your girlfriends are rooting for you to fail and you can no longer tell them anything. I have to insert here that I absolutely love [name omitted] because she can listen to my issues, but she'll still sit there and say "You guys are a wonderful couple, the first couple years of marriage are hard but I know you'll get through them."

1) Business dinners. I'm 21, dammit, no, I don't really want to have dinner with the boss and his wife tonight. At least Jason's old boss was really cool, and younger. Not looking forward to sitting down for who knows how long with Jason's regional leader this evening. I'm just not.

Bad things about puppies:

3) They have to go to the bathroom every hour...or so it seems.

2) They have sharp little teeth. They might not be strong enough to break the skin, but they still hurt.

1) When you bring them home, all the other animals in the house get pissed at you for days...maybe even weeks. Or months. Who knows, we've only been through days so far.

Don't take the above lists as evidence that I hate being married or dislike our new pet. This is just the mood I'm in right now.

P.S. I still sometimes just want to be alone, I've never gotten used to or liked business/company parties or dinners, and above all I'm VERY closed about the negative parts of my relationship. Also, that was the last PUPPY I'll ever raise. I much prefer rescuing adult dogs, for those reasons and so many more ;) Pin It

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