Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have a Forever Lazy Christmas!

When I first saw the commercial for the Forever Lazy, I knew that I had to have one. Thanks to my sister Christy, I received one as a Christmas gift and now I'm going to gift all of you with pictures of all the fun things you can do in a Forever Lazy! This may or may not be the first of a "look what you can do in a Forever Lazy" series of posts. Just saying.

After unwrapping what was probably the best Christmas present I received, first things first I had to put it on!

And who cares if I look like a giant pink blob! Who cares if the Forever Lazy makes me look over twice as wide as I actually am! Because it is warm and comfy and FUN :D

I mean really, who can argue with this? You can unwrap presents in your Forever Lazy!

...or you can carve a roast in your Forever Lazy!

I may look as wide as I am tall, but I'm toasty when I walk the dogs in my Forever Lazy!

And because we weren't being swallowed up by our Snuggies backwards robes, my sister and I were able to eat Christmas dinner in our MATCHING Forever Lazies!

Look at how cute and warm my niece Ava and I are on her first Christmas...she in her fleece onesie and me in - you guessed it - my Forever Lazy!

That's all I've got for now, but if it makes you feel better at the moment I'm hanging out on my couch as I write this blog, with a cat in my lap and Ben Hur on TV...and yup, I'm still wearing my Forever Lazy!

(See what I mean? Wouldn't this make a great series of posts? haha)
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  1. LOL that made for a great day after Christmas chuckle for me. I am glad you are being lazy in your forever lazy. Can you wear it work? I think you should pitch "forever lazy fridays" at work. (instead of casual fridays)

  2. Oh my gosh make me really want a Forever Lazy!!! I must invest in one!!!

  3. @Lori - I absolutely love that idea and will likely have to steal it and photograph myself wearing my Forever Lazy to work for a Forever Lazy Friday. haha

    @Lil Mys - Honestly it is ridiculously comfortable. I can almost overlook the fact that it makes me look like a pink elephant.