Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: November

It's that time again...my monthly recap for my 101 in 1001 list :)

I've begun working on two new tasks:

Run a 5k - Last month I registered for the Greenville Run Downtown in January 2012! So barring any crazy illness or injury or whatever...I'll be participating in that and getting this one out of the way.

Throw a new/different theme party - I've scheduled a "Roaring 20s" theme party as a sort of birthday/holiday party for myself...this weekend! I can't wait...especially as I really just love that period of history.

As for completed goals - I honestly did better this month than I thought I would, especially as I shocked even myself with two of the three tasks that I accomplished.

Get a new computer - I out of the blue decided to buy myself an early birthday gift...a Macbook Pro! And I'm in lub with it, for sure.

Go to a Greenville Road Warriors Game - We attended the Road Warriors vs. Florida Everglades game on 11/5/11. It was an interesting experience, for sure. I think I'll stick with baseball. (as a note - yes, I've been to plenty of hockey games in the past...but it had been quite a while, and...well, the poor Road Warriors. That's all I'll say about that.)
Steve and I at the Road Warriors game
Try sushi one more time - For some reason I originally thought that if I tried sushi one more time, it would be my THIRD time and therefore if I still didn't like it I could say "hey, I tried it three times and didn't like it three times...three strikes and sushi is OUT!" But then I remembered that I'd already had it three times. So this was actually my fourth (that being @ Tsunami's in Greenville on 11/19/11). And no, I still didn't/don't like it. To be honest I am of the opinion that *most* people (now, I didn't say "all" so don't get your panties in a knot) who claim that they love sushi really just say as much because it's the "cool" opinion to have. But I'm sorry, sushi is gross. End of story. I mean, raw fish? Really? Who thought that would be good? Pin It

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  1. Good luck on your 5k!!! :)
    I love sushi...but not the raw kind. It has to be fried or cooked in some way. There are plenty of rolls out there that aren't necessarily raw. And yes, other than the California roll ;) You should try the spider roll! Its a roll with fried soft shell crab, one of my favs!