Monday, December 5, 2011

Oops...a super late Monday Confessions!

I confess...that I wasn't even SO busy yesterday or today that I just couldn't get to Monday's just that I got wrapped up in the Song of Ice & Fire series (the TV show and the second novel) and totally forgot.

I confess...that I stayed up until 5:30 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning drinking beer and playing with my computer. Oops?

I confess...that I'm thinking about changing my blog name/general theme. I have some ideas but...I don't know. We'll see. Changing the header and button and links everywhere and blah blah blah isn't appealing to me enough to go ahead and change it immediately. Anyone have experience with doing this? Was it difficult/frustrating?

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  1. I just recently redid my whole layout of my blog. I got tired of the same thing I had for years. I ended up just using the template designer to help me do it and I got it done in one night, including adding new pages and rearranging my gadgets.

  2. I was forced to change mine before from "" because of getting hacked (gmail), so I can say I did it with great ease LOL But it really wasn't too bad. I'm feeling "changy" too.. thinking about doing some redesign and getting a new banner.