Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sending out my 20s in style...

No, no, I'm not 30. Not yet. Thankfully ;) Today I am 29, though, and yes it's a weird feeling. I mean, let's not lie - weekday birthdays suck when you're a grownup. I had to work yesterday, I have to work today, I have to work tomorrow. I did however celebrate my last 20s birthday in style on Saturday night, with a Roaring 20s themed party (appropriate, no?) at a bar downtown. We had a private room and special drinks and food and it was a ton of fun. Though the next morning wasn't an easy one...haha.
Maybe it was the tequila that did me in...
(And yes, I'll take any excuse to have a theme party!)

So because tonight is a weeknight, we'll have takeout (which we never do) so that I don't have to cook, and maybe I'll treat myself to a hot cocoa with Pinnacle Whipped vodka and read far too much of A Feast for Crows until it's time for bed :) Happy birthday to me!
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