Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two Truths and a Lie Answer

I was bored last night and decided to record my response to my two truths and a lie entry...enjoy! :)

(Also, the still that was automatically picked is obviously priceless...haha)

Oh and at one point I say that #1 was true, and in the next sentence-ish I say it was a lie...obviously I meant to say "truth" again. I didn't notice this until I'd already uploaded the video...oops. haha Pin It


  1. Okay, I'm a little late to the party 'cause I guessed after you posted this video. But I swear I didn't watch it until after my guess, scouts honor. ;-)

    I knew #2 had to be the lie 'cause I remember reading about the wedding planning process from the get-go and I figured #3 was totally plausible because you're fit. And I haven't even seen every Disney animated movie myself, and we're at similar levels of Disney fandom. :-) So there ya go!

    P.S. I laughed when you called out "HEY!" at the dogs because it reminds me of when I'll be on Skype and randomly say something to my cat, which probably makes me look crazy for a second before I explain to the other person who I'm talking to. Haha.

  2. #3 sounded too specific to be a lie to the general public. However, I totally knew it was true since you mentioned it before. Haha. I figured #2, while seeming really plausible, was the lie just because there are sooooo many Disney movies that it seemed less possible you had seen them all. The big ones, of course, but I didn't even know anything about the first one you were talking about. And #1 seemed plausible because I know you love Vegas and it seems like Steve hasn't been as thrilled with it in the past. I just got lucky with my guesses! ;)