Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Writer's Block Wednesday

Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

The only thing I can really think of to rant about is actually completely my fault.

That being: I am so not into Christmas this year.

I don't like that I'm hating on Christmas, I swear. I didn't enjoy it when I was in high school, though I can't really remember why. Once I moved away from home and had my own Christmas tree, something snapped. I loved it. And I continued to love it.

Until this year, apparently.

The other day I posted about drinking Mimosas and spiked hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies, because I was trying, really trying, to get into the Christmas thing. I swear. Even after I'd delayed putting up and decorating our tree. Despite the fact that since I did so, all I can think about is the fact that I have to take it down and put all of those damn ornaments away, eventually. On top of that, in the past I've been the type of person who finished her Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving...not so, this year. The majority of it was done by the middle of the month, but I was grasping for gift ideas for my dad and finally just caved and picked up a couple things for him yesterday. Just five days before Christmas. Ugh.

For whatever reason, the season is just getting to me this year. Trying to figure out what to give everyone, trying to come up with the money to buy presents for my parents, sisters, nieces nephew and husband, getting six thousand emails a day about all the online Christmas sales (seriously, it never effing ends!), the crappy rainy weather we've been having, driving just about ANYWHERE this time of year, thinking "yay, I have a free weekend!" and then realizing that I've been invited to two or three different parties and have to pick and choose which one(s) to go to, giving up the idea of Christmas cards because they are so expensive to purchase and mail and then worrying that people will be upset that we didn't send any this year...the list goes on and on.

While we were watching Elf on Sunday (with three Mimosas in my belly), I was okay. Then we were trying to find movies to stream on Netflix and Steve insisted on this hour-long Christmas Classics...thing. I don't know what else to call it. We had a good laugh at "Santa's Surprise" but after that the shorts just grated on my nerves more and more.

After that we tried watching the claymation Rudolph but unfortunately for him, we were in a heckling mood. It was so very progressive for Rudolph's mom and girlfriend to go looking for him, you know, but then he movie had to take two steps back with this line: "Well, they are all very sad at the loss of their friend. But they realize that the best thing to do is to get the women back to Christmas Town." Gotta love the early 60s.

So there is my rant. This year, I am tired of Christmas and would just like for it to be over, please.

Now enjoy "Santa's Surprise" and the vast number of stereotypes that it covers.


You can even view the full hour-ish of "Christmas Classics Volume 1" here.

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  1. I haven't been able to get into the Christmas spirit either this year. I'm thinking that it's because it's in the 70s a few days before Christmas...really?!? Come on, Mother Nature...