Sunday, January 29, 2012

Contest/Giveaway Winner!

Well folks, my giveaway ended at midnight Friday night and there were only three people who actually entered! Sad. I'm pretty sure it's because no one else wanted to guess at what was in my header, because the three people who did participate guessed all six things correctly. This meant that I had to use the Random Number Generator...with Marty being the first comment, Nicole of Freckles the Happy Heathen being the second and Eleni of RPG Called Life being the third.

So the winner is ... MARTY! I actually know Marty from working at Disney and he's one of those awesome real life friends who doesn't have a blog of his own but reads and even comments on mine anyway :)

I've made a vlog about my new blog name, design and header so if you're interested in knowing what is pictured and why please view it :) I kind of babble a bit at the beginning and end but I'd say that I start explaining the header at about the 2:50 mark and finish around the 7:30 mark. Oh and please excuse the weird jerky picture at the beginning, I'm not even sure how that got in there as it doesn't show being in there in my iMovie and I was too lazy to fix it and re-upload the entire video because of a tiny mistake like that, haha.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, I totally blew the Luna image. I totally didn't parse it correctly. I'm such a bad geek :/

    Congrats to Marty :)