Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Forever Lazy New Year's

Yeah yeah, I know I'm a bit late with this one. Oops ;) I meant to post it last week, but then I got wrapped up in blabbing about Pride & Prejudice movies, and after that I realized I hadn't posted a recipe in a while, and one thing leads to another and here we are!

I mentioned that we spent New Year's weekend at a cabin in North Carolina, eating and drinking and skiing and hanging out in a hot tub...but what I didn't yet talk about was the fact that I spent most of Friday night, December 30th and most of New Year's Eve in my Forever Lazy. Oh the awesomeness of not needing to dress up to go out to a bar for the holiday ;)

So without further ado...more fun you can have in your Forever Lazy! And not just for the New Year's holiday, either...

You can "get jiggy with it" in your Forever Lazy...

You can get cozy with your pets in your Forever Lazy...
(Seriously, they love this thing. Especially the cats. It's just so soft! Oh also, don't mind my hair, I had it pinned back and up so that it wouldn't get wet in the hot tub.)

You can play Apples to Apples in your Forever Lazy...

You can pop champagne in your Forever Lazy...

You can "red solo cup-it-up" (a la that awful Toby Keith song) in your Forever Lazy...

...and you can even look all sorts of scholarly and smoke a tobacco pipe in your Forever Lazy!
(Yes, I swear that it was *just* tobacco. We all have to be adults sometime, you know. Sadly.)

Stay tuned in the future, because if I can promise anything it's that this is not the last of my "awesome things you can do while looking like a pink blob in your Forever Lazy" blog entries ;)
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  1. I have to ask. Did you buy yourself the Forever Lazy or did someone buy it for you as a gift?

  2. It was a Christmas gift :) I first wrote about it here: