Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm in love...

...with my new running shoes!

No lie, I haven't felt like this about any piece of attire, especially shoes, especially sneakers/running shoes...pretty much ever.

Yeah, that's a size 11. I have huge feet. But hey, I'm 5'8" so at least I *kind of* balance out.

I mean first of all, they're pretty. And bright. Two things that have never really been a requirement for me when I'm picking out running shoes, but they are a definite plus :)

I bought these at Fleet Feet in Greenville. I had never been to a store like this before - a true running store, I mean. All spring, summer and fall I ran in a pair of Vibrams (the toe shoes)...I loved them but it's too cold for that now. Unfortunately the sneakers I was running in last winter were (a) not the best for running, as they were fairly inexpensive Nike cross trainers, and (b) falling apart.

Normally at Fleet Feet they discuss what you are looking for, measure your feet, have you walk around the store while they watch, and have you try on and walk/run in a bunch of different running shoes. However, I pretty much knew what I wanted - a pair of sneakers that would cost me $100 or less and that would emulate as closely as possible that feeling of running on practically nothing that you get from Vibrams. They did measure my feet and walk around a bit, but because I was able to tell them so much about how I run and what I was looking for they were able to narrow the number of pairs of shoes I tried on fairly quickly. I tried three different pairs on but I swear from the moment I put these "Women's Nike Free Run + 2's" on I was in heaven.

I've definitely had buyer's remorse buying far less expensive sneakers than these, which ran me $90, so even though I bought them back on December 26th (yes, I remember, partly because I'm weird like that and partly because it was a holiday from work. or something.) I've put off writing about them because I wanted to make doubly and triply sure that I continued to love, love, love them :) And yes, I do. (do, do. haha)

Seriously, it's like running on air. They don't have a ton of support - which means that they weigh next to nothing and make lifting my feet easier - but it also means that anyone used to running in shoes with really thick soles possibly wouldn't find them quite as comfortable as I do. But to me they are perfect and I'm already dreading the day that the soles are worn out and I have to go searching for another pair just like them ;)

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  1. I love new running shoes! :) In fact, I'm due for a new pair myself. I never really cared much for Nike until I bought my first Nike running shoes from Fleet Feet. LOVE THEM! Plus I loved the customer service at Fleet Feet. They actually recorded my steps on a treadmill and we discussed it, they had me try a couple based on what I wanted and needed. The guy even made me go outside and run down the parking lot. How many stores will suggest you do that?? Congrats on your new shoes and enjoy!! :)

  2. Josh is on his second pair of free run shoes. He runs 2-3 times each week for PT with the Air Force, plus he runs at home on the treadmill just about every day, so he puts a lot of miles on shoes pretty quickly. He looooves them, but I will caution you that his wore out rather quickly. I was not happy since we paid about $100 for them, but I suppose they're worth it if you're an avid runner.