Saturday, January 21, 2012

In which I [drunk] vlog about my all-time favorite movie.

I made this video back...I think in the beginning of December. I fought with myself over whether or not to post it, but as apparently my husband and my sister think it's hilarious...why not embarrass myself on the internet? ;)

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  1. Oh Tara your drunken ramblings are an inspiration to us all.


  2. Haha that was cute! I liked JP when it came out in theaters. It is definitely a good movie. Isn't it funny how when you've been drinking you can talk about things with such an emphatic tone- like, dude, how can you not agree?


  3. @Marty - Right? Or at least they should be. haha

    @Caity - thanks! I know it's very silly and honestly normally I'm careful to not make a fool of myself when I've been drinking, but when Steve saw this video he thought it was hilarious and pretty much insisted that I post it. And yes, I think it's way easier to be emphatic when one is drunk! :)