Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's talk about Spam, baby...

For whatever reason I've been lucky on the spam front, especially recently. That, and I'm not a completely idiot and so far as I can recall I've never fallen for any of the usual spam tricks. You know, "you've won a billion pounds, just send us your bank account number so that we can wire you the money!", or "this Nigerian prince is in trouble and needs YOUR help, if you send us your bank account information we will wire you a very large and completely random amount of money, all you need to do is use some of it to rescue the prince and the rest is yours!"

But today I had a couple spam messages and when I went to delete them I knew I just had to share. First and foremost, I get this same exact message at least once a week. Yes, my resume is still floating around on CareerBuilder, mainly because I'm too lazy to remember my account information and delete it. But my name is not and has never been Marvin...yet every week I get this email from Evan Simms at CareerBuilder and it has always been addressed to Marvin. Also, whereas Anderson is only about an hour away from where I actually live, I would certainly never sign up for job alerts from there. That's a bit too long of a commute.

I just...don't understand.

But that's not all. Today I also bring you news that Mark Zuckerberg contacted ME directly, because he wants to give me an Apple computer or some such nonsense!


I think what may be the most amusing about this is that you can actually see the crappy fake hotmail address that this spam mail came from.

My question is, do people still fall for stuff like this? Because if not why are people still wasting their time sending these emails, if not to simply give us bloggers fun things to write about? ;) Pin It

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