Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monthly 101 Update: December

Well. I didn't start working on any new tasks last month, but I certainly completed quite a few! I'm actually shocked and a bit proud of how much I accomplished in December ;) In fact I've now completed [I think] 34/101 goals...which means that even though I have just over two years before my 1001 days are up, I've already completed about 33% of the tasks I set for myself. Though to be fair...they were almost all the easiest tasks :-/ Now, on to my December 2011 update!

Spend New Years Eve away from home again It was sort of a last-minute trip (as in we planned it less than a month in advance, which is huge for me), but we went to Maggie Valley, NC for New Year's weekend. We rented a cabin with some friends and ate a lot of junk food, drank far too much, and spent as much time as possible in the hot tub :) Honestly, it was the best New Year's Eve I've had in a VERY long time.

Dave, Brittany, Nick, Annie, Steve & I-"Country Cabins" in Maggie Valley NC-we had the awesome Cedar Springs cabin
Have another Lord of the Rings marathon This is how Steve and I spent our Christmas Eve, and it was perfect.

Throw a new/different theme party I had a Roaring 20s themed party on 12/10/11 (sort of for my birthday). Only a few people dressed up (including Steve and I of course!) but we actually ended up having it at a bar downtown, in a private room...and it was a blast! Probably the best birthday celebration I've had in years.
My loves Shane and Mark dressed up with me, at least!
See 10 movies in theaters 10/10 - Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Hangover 2, X Men First Class, HP&tDHp2, Cowboys & Aliens, Captain America, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a movie that won't be named, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, completed 12/26/11. Honestly I'm shocked that I accomplished this goal in just about 8 months...I highly doubt we saw more than 5 movies per year in a theater in 2009 and 2010!

Go skiing again I thought I wouldn't accomplish this one until later this month (as in January), but as part of our New Year's trip Steve and I went to Cataloochee Ski Area in NC on New Year's Eve. It was...interesting. To say the least. First, it was about 55 degrees, which meant that for the first time ever I skied in a light jacket and didn't even wear gloves all day...and I was never cold. Second, it cost us $49 per person to ski for three and a half hours...back in 2009 we could ski the entire day at Berkshire East in Massachusetts (a mountain twice the size of Cataloochee) for about $55 per person. Third...and not surprisingly...people in the South do not know how to ski/snowboard. I've never seen so many people make fools out of themselves in such a short time. I mean, we all fall when we ski/snowboard...once in a while. But at Cataloochee people were just toppling over, running into each other, using falling as a way to stop, left and right. Seriously, there are no words.

Also, I caught sight of some great ski outfits, such as a one-piece hot pink number that I didn't get a picture of. But also, this guy:
Camo jacket. Jeans. And nice hat, buddy.
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  1. Now I really want to know what the movie that won't be named was...! haha

  2. @Everyday Love - haha, it was the latest Twilight movie. my sister is a fan (and I tease her mercilessly for it) and she didn't have anyone else to go with...she bought my ticket so I sucked it up and went. but I did NOT enjoy it...lol

  3. You're moving along great! I'm only two months in on my challenge but I'm thinking I'll meet my movies in theaters challenge quick also! We're like you...we don't see many movies in theaters, but in the past two months we've seen more than normal. Not to mention that we're definitely planning another this month for Underworld!