Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday

Career paths
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

This one is...well, both easy to answer and sort of a toss-up. Because the two things that come to mind are in the same general field, but not exactly the same job, you know?

Basically, it is impossible for me to decide whether the one career I want the most is as a travel writer - as in, someone who gets to travel all over the world, have her trips paid for, and get to write about them - in magazines, online, and of course publishing my own books - or whether I simply want to be a [published] author. To be honest I think it would be easy to combine both; as a published author I would have to travel for book signings and the like anyway, and as a travel writer I could use the knowledge I gathered in my travels to write novels based in the places I've visited.

The thing is, I don't think that either one of these goals is totally unattainable. I just have to figure it out whether I have it in me to focus long enough to finish one of the many stories that I have started writing over the years, and then figure out this whole publishing process on top of that :-/ I guess we'll see!
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  1. Hey girl!

    You should write a book about travel or a book that requires research in other areas! Like a fiction story about a certain time period or place. That would give you an excuse to travel etc.

    To answer your question, I am only posting one story designed to sample my writing. Then when I have my books self published through I will be able to advertise them on my website and people will be more likely to buy them if they've gotten caught up in my story. Plus making it a serial keeps them coming back weekly so they'll see my updates.

    I am wary of publishing anything online for free- but doing it on my own website makes me feel a little better. I would never post a story of mine on a blog and I would never post somewhere that didn't have my name on it if it is for free. Just my feelings since you asked. :) I'm pretty paranoid. I share my work with colleagues that I can trust but I would never just let it loose on the internet.

    I would love to read your writing some day though!

    You know the old copyright trick right? Some say it doesn't hold up in court but others say it does- mail a copy to yourself, never open it ever unless you need to for a lawsuit etc. That way it's dated etc.

    But with my script that I was passing around and that the WB read etc, I got it offically copyrighted for 20 bucks at the writer's guild of america. But copyrighting creative work like stories is never fully safe- people can always steal the IDEA and storyline. It's tricky and hard to keep safe. :(

  2. Check out A Newbie's Guide to Publishing Blog -

    He self publishes all his own work and sells all of his books via Kindle or Nook with select editions in print. He goes into details on a lot of different subjects as well as being open about how much he makes with each source.

    Good luck

  3. @Caity - I totally understand! I'm super paranoid about my writing as well. Like I know my husband would love to read some of what I've written but I won't even show HIM! Silly of me, probably, but I tend to keep my writing very close.

    Have you used bookbaby before? I looked into using but haven't finished anything worth spending that amount of money on, yet. I did not know that copywright trick but I will definitely keep it in mind! And yeah, I worry just as much about people stealing the IDEA as I am about them stealing my actual writing. Sigh. Why do people have to be so shady?

    @Tim - Thanks for the blog link, I will definitely check it out! I've definitely considered self publishing but I'm still back and forth about whether that would be my first or last option, you know?