Friday, February 3, 2012

Blogs from the past: 8/29/2004

As it stands, usually when I post these "blogs from the past" I don't edit them - but I did tone this one down a bit, because it was originally something only a handful of people would see and therefore included language that I...don't use every day, to say the least ;)

The fact is, a lot of people walked *all* over me when I was younger. In high school especially and then once I joined a sorority it was like all of the progress I'd made in that department came to a grinding halt. Even took a step (or few) back. I only have vague memories of what broke me and caused me to write the following, and that's probably a good thing - but I am proud to say that I made this decision, I wrote these words, and somehow I've actually stuck by them. And honestly...that makes me kind of proud :) 

I had a revelation today. It's my last semester here at Longwood, and I have decided that if someone or something pisses me off, I'm going to act on it. Every time LU's theater department has treated me like a nobody, every time a person has walked all over me or just been a jerk because they hated their own life in the past couple of years, I have allowed it to happen. I haven't acted upon my well-deserved anger. I've either been too busy or too worried about getting others involved with me in trouble. From now on, you want to know how I feel, I'll outright tell you. You talk crap to me, and you'll get it right back - and you'll wish you hadn't messed with me in the first place.

No, nothing in particular brought this on. I realized last night that something in me, the part that allows me to deal with people and stick up for myself and others who get the shaft, has been awakened. Pin It

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