Friday, February 10, 2012

Family History Friday: An Introduction

Some time ago my dad shared with me that my grandfather had been writing a sort of memoir. Nothing to be published; just a sort of rundown of his life story, because he'd always been sad that he knew next to nothing about how his parents and grandparents grew up. When I heard about it I offered to type them up for him - I type on average 89 WPM (though I've been known to fly through a typing test with a 104-105 WPM result, haha) so I knew it wouldn't be a really long or difficult job for me.

Well, months and months passed with no more word about it, so I just figured that my offer had been forgotten. But then my grandparents came to visit a couple of weeks ago and my grandfather - I call him Grampy - brought a big old folder stuffed full of papers for me! I seriously can't describe how honored and excited I was/am to be given this opportunity. I am extremely lucky to have all four of my grandparents still living, though I have lost great-great aunts and uncles who were like more grandparents to me (around just as much and just as awesome as any one of my official grandparents), but to be completely honest Grampy has always been a favorite of mine and also one of the biggest mysteries.

Not the best picture of either of us, but this is my grandfather and I at my wedding in August 2010
I've already learned so much about my grandfather, and I've only typed up about 20 of his handwritten pages. His memory is amazing, which hopefully means good things for me when I'm his age ;)

That said, though, typing up his story has renewed an interest that I've had for quite some time now - to build as much of my family tree as possible, going as far back as I can, for one. So not only am I learning about him while I type this, but I was able to use some of his information, and I also got in touch with my other grandparents, and I've started putting everything together on

I've already made some really awesome discoveries, but as it is this is a long entry and it's only supposed to be an introduction, anyway. For the next few weeks at least, I'm going to be posting some of my fun discoveries on "Family History Friday". Let's face it - we are all a product of who and where we came from, whether we embraced those things or turned away from them. I know that I for one need to learn to have a little more pride in my family history, and I have my wonderful wonderful grandfather to thank for that :) Pin It

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