Friday, February 24, 2012

Family History Friday: My First Fun Discoveries, Part 2

So I promise that eventually (next week I think?) get into the real gritty family history ('s really not gritty)...but for now I'm still in this "wow look at the awesome stuff I learned in the first few pages of my grandfather's memoir" mode ;)

In case you didn't know, I'm a history geek. Nerd. Whatever. It was my major in college and I love it. To the point where some of my favorite books have been nonfiction history books, and currently I'm psyched to read this new Roger Williams biography that I bought a few weeks ago (and there are "family history Friday" reasons for that as well, but I digress). So. Imagine my excitement when I was typing up Grampy's memoir and came across this little gem:

One of my great-great uncles (Grampy's mother's brother) was a cook for General Patton in WWII.


This great-great uncle of mine - someone who Grampy saw and talked to on a regular basis (sigh. I only wish I could have met him!) - knew General Patton. This is awesome because I am a nerd. But also it's just awesome. I'm sure they never had a real conversation or knew knew each other, but it's clear that as much as a cook could know a general, my great-great uncle knew Patton. Yeah, I learned this weeks ago and I'm still swooning over it. Deal with it ;)

Also - one great thing about learning about your family is learning about their health issues, because this knowledge can end up being really important later in one's life, you know? And I am happy and relieved to say that my grandfather's family basically had none. The only relative from that line who died of any sort of cancer/illness (i.e. the only one who didn't just pass away peacefully of old age in his or her 90s+) was my great-grandfather (Grampy's dad). He was 82 when he died of lung cancer but that was because he smoked like 2 packs a day (I'm not kidding. I did meet him once when he was in the hospital - I was pretty young - and he was scary - there are stories about how he used to yell at the nurses to bring him cigarettes. heh.) They always say that the more you know about your family's health issues/situation the better, and learning how healthy Grampy's family was has made me feel a lot better about what's ahead for me.

It has also encouraged me to ask my other grandparents to fill me in on their family's health situations and so far it seems that the only big issues anyone I'm related to has had were one case of Alzheimer's (scary) and a lot of diabetes on my mom's side (however that's all due to weight problems/horrible eating habits and out of the three people who have it, the one who actually works to control it is extremely healthy - and that's my grandfather and he's almost 80. so.)

Next week I'll be back with some more, err, exciting/interesting stuff? Maybe?

(Haha, honestly I know that no one is probably reading this. I just enjoy writing about it so I'll keep doing so.)
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  1. I've started to build my family tree. I want to learn my history but am afraid I won't be able to lean much since I can't find out much from family farther back than my grandparents.