Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting to Know You & Me with "how i met your father"

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong over at how i met your father posted this on Valentine's Day, and I've finally found the time to participate :)

Basically I answer 11 questions, then I *ask* 11 questions, and then I tag 11 people to answer those questions. But to be honest, I'd rather not tag anyone - if you want to answer the questions that I ask at the end of this entry, just go right ahead and then link back to my blog as the one you started from :)

1. Are you a righty or a lefty? I'm always curious to know!

Righty fo sho!

2. What was the color of your first car?

A sort of pastel yellow. Here ya go...
1999 VW New Beetle <3
3. If you could be any Disney Princess who would you be? Why?

Oh man, that's tough! Either Belle or Ariel. Belle because she loves to read and I just think hers and the Beast's love story is the most beautiful one of all. Ariel because she sings and do I. Plus she's a redhead and for whatever reason I've always wanted naturally red hair. Not true ginger hair, mind you. Red hair like my BFF's or some such similar red.

4. Smart Phone or no? Iphone or Droid or Blackberry? What is your "go to" phone of choice?

Yes, Smart Phone, and iPhone all the way! I had a BB before my iPhone and there is seriously no comparison.
One reason I love the iPhone: Disney attraction wait time apps!
5. What is your favorite show on television right now?
GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!! (source)
6. Polka dots or stripes? What is your favorite pattern this season?

Polka dots...I guess. I'll wear stripes if they aren't horizontal but even that is pretty rare. And I don't think I have a favorite pattern...this season or any season...because I'm not the most fashionable person out there. haha
7. What is your favorite family tradition?

Sadly...we don't really have any traditions, anymore. For the longest time it was the big vacation we'd take together every year...Cape Cod and Amish Country PA when I was little...later Maine, Disney, and other random trips like Colorado and a cruise...but nowadays we all kind of have our own lives, and I'm married and spend some holidays with my husband's traditions have kind of fallen by the wayside :-/
Last true family vacation - June 2005 on the Carnival Valor (my dad was taking the picture) - My mom, middle sister Christy, youngest sister Jenni, and me...the oldest :)
8. Mac or PC?
My friend Jamie and I with our pretty Macbooks Pro (lol)
MAC! There are things about it that annoy me, I can't lie (iPhoto is NOT as user friendly as they would lead you to believe, for instance) but in general the thing just works. SO glad I splurged and bought myself a Mac a few months ago when it came time for a new laptop.

9. Jackie or Marilyn?
Marilyn. I just admire her spark, how she strove to educate herself, and sorry...she was simply the more beautiful of the two.

10. What is the furthest you've ever traveled from home?

I'm going to hazard a guess at...BUDAPEST! (Hungary. it's the farthest "east" in Europe that I've been, and in the other direction the farthest I've been is probably Fairbanks, Alaska)
I found this ad in Budapest hilarious. Also, that is a bottle of wine purchased from a subway/tram station liquor store. Classy.
11. Favorite "boy band" - are you an *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, NKOTB, 98 Degrees, The Monkees -- who is your boy band go to? Do you have one? 

All-time - The Beatles, of course! In high school, though, I was an *NSYNC girl. I think. Though I want to say that I thought the BSB's music was in general better.

Now for my 11 questions, should you choose to participate!

1) If you had to pick one movie as your all-time favorite...preferably one that you ALSO loved when you were younger...what would it be?
2) Here's a personal one...when you're in a relationship, do you tend to fall fast or remain guarded for a while?
3) Do you have a bucket list or do you ever plan on having one?
4) What kind of traveler are you (do-it-yourself, you'd rather go on a tour, like to rough it, want to be comfortable, luxury, etc.)?
5) Are you into anything that you'd consider "geeky"? If so, what is it?
6) Do you believe in the term "the one that got away"? (what can I say, I have the Katy Perry song stuck in my head right now)
7) Photography or writing? Why?
8) If you could recommend one book and one book only, what would it be?
9) Are you a cat person, a dog person, or neither? Why do you identify with whichever you chose?
10) Do you think there are just a ridiculous number of rude people trolling around on the internet nowadays?
11) If you had to pick one site and one site only to use out of these, which would it be: Twitter, Pinterest, a blog site (your choice, i.e. blogger/wordpress/livejournal/tumblr), Google+.
(yes, I left out FB on purpose assuming that if anyone answers these that would be first choice every time, haha)

Again, the only rules are...answer the questions and link back to me, ask your own 11 questions and tag others or just generally ask others to answer them :)
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  1. Okay for my dear friend Tara @ here are my answers:

    1)My favorite movie is called Some Kind of Wonderful. I did love it when I was younger and I still love it today.

    2) It may sound weird but I do both. I fall fast but I keep myself guarded before, during, and after I fall for someone.

    3)I have a sort of bucket list I guess you could say. I like setting goals though where school is concerned, I really don't have a deadline for when I plan on graduating :-/

    4) I would have to say if I ever had the money to travel by myself I would definitely be a luxury traveler.

    5)X-Men is about it. Unless you count reading about starting a veggie container garden.

    6)Not really. All the ones who are gone, I am gone that they are gone lol

    7)Writing. It's easier for me to communicate my thoughts that way. In my opinion, you have to wait for the right "moment" for photography.

    8)It all depends on what that person is into. That one I really can't answer.

    9) Dog person. Because when I was younger I was allergic to cats and the last people I lived with had 2 and they were cute but they but the kitten was all about jumping on counters while we cooked and it was just nasty.

    10)Yes. Considering all the suicides due to internet bullying yes.

    11) Wrong..I wouldn't pick facebook if you had made it an option. Livejournal only because I haven't written on my blogger in a while and I miss it but I haven't done anything to be worthy of what I wanted my blogger to be. Perhaps that will change when my garden takes off!!

  2. I just got a Mac mini! How do you blog with your Mac? I don't like using Blogger and was sing windows live writer before but now I can't find a good blog editing program where I can schedule posts. :(