Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monthly 101 Update: January

This month was actually probably average at best as it pertains to my 101 in 1001 list, but I suppose they have to happen once in a while :)

I did make a big step toward accomplishing one of my goals - that being to visit 3 new states. I added Ohio to my visited states list back in June of last year, and in January I added another state - Idaho!

Not too shabby of a map, I think :) Though as you can see I really need some help with those prairie states if I'm ever going to reach my general life goal of visiting all 50. Sigh.

As for fully completed tasks, however...

Have another Star Wars marathon - we did this on Saturday 1/28. Check out the blogs: Part 1 & Part 2


Run a 5k I ran in the Greenville News Run Downtown 5k on 1/21/12! My time was okay - 31:28.3 according to my own stopwatch - but more than anything I was actually pleasantly surprised at how fun it was :)

Don't mind the crappy cell phone picture.
That's it for last month but hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll get back on the ball and accomplish more this month! Pin It

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