Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What makes a great romance?

It's Writer's Block Wednesday but (and?) today I have a question for my readers, however many of you are out there and actually reading my blog ;)

When you're reading a book or watching a TV show or movie, what type of relationship catches your eye?

I think by now you all know my feelings on Twilight (ugh, blech, no no no and all that), so I was really excited when someone posted a link to this article on truly awesome sci-fi/fantasy romances. It really made me think about the kind of love story *I* like and I'm wondering if I'm alone in this ;)

First, most of them are tragically realistic and do not have happy endings that involve perfect pseudo-vampire babies and shield-generating vamps who have no real thirst for human blood.

Second, they involve strong, smart, independent women - women who don't need a man in order to be accomplished, don't need a man to survive or to lead a fulfilled/fulfilling life.

Third, though they obviously include some unlikely scenarios (I doubt any of us are going to be time-traveling, vampire hunting, or guiding 12 colonies to safety anytime soon), these couples handle the crazy problems life throws at them in very human ways. They make mistakes, but very often for good reason. They choose love over responsibility and duty. They choose responsibility and duty over love. I've been in both of those positions so yeah, stuff like that happens in real life ;)

Fourth, they are simply everyday people underneath the titles of princess, captain, president, admiral, king, first officer. That said, they are fully developed characters and not just empty useless shells (::cough::Bella::cough::)...yet we can still identify with them.

So in my mind, these are the makings of a great literary or on-screen couple, but I'm definitely interetsed in hearing what type of couples others relate to!
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  1. I'm definitely one of the ones who prefer to see relationships where the woman is strong and independent. As a single woman (I think more by choice of not wanting to give up my strength and independence) it sickens me when I see women on tv or in real life playing the helpless damsel in distress. Men however fall for it hook line and sinker and then wonder why said woman always screws them over. Ok if i had a car, I would need a man to change my tire. I need a man to kill bugs because doing so makes my skin crawl (literally), since there are no guns in my home, I need the man of the house to be the protector. (Granted I do have my culinary knife kit in my room if it's needed) For so long, society has always said that behind every good man is a woman. I can't remember, did they ever say a strong woman? Only strong women can handle the ins and outs of daily life and disappointments from the men in their lives and still hold their heads up high.