Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Review: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

As books go, I suppose that Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is entertaining enough. That said, the biggest draw this "nonfiction" title held for me was that I've been to Savannah and will be going back there soon. True, the characters - namely Chablis, Joe Odom, and Luther Driggers - are larger than life and dole out quite a few laugh- and quote-worthy lines...but the point of view character himself is outright dull and the fact that the picture is painted that he was there when the crime in this "true crime book" took place when in fact he was not is just a bit off-putting to me. 3/5 stars.

"'Blue bloods are so inbred and weak. All those generations of importance and grandeur to live up to. No wonder they lack ambition. I don't envy them.'"

"'How does it feel to be nouveau riche?' he was asked on one occasion. 'It's the riche that counts,' Williams answered."

"These, then, were the images in my mental gazetteer of Savannah: rum-drinking pirates, strong-willed women, courtly manners, eccentric behavior, gentle words, and lovely music. That and the beauty of the name itself: Savannah."

"'Always stick around for one more drink. That's when things happen. That's when you find out everything you want to know.'"

"'Rule number three: Observe the high holidays - Saint Patrick's Day an the day of the Georgia-Florida football game. Savannah has the third-biggest Saint Patrick's Day parade in America. People coem from all over the South to see it. Business close for the day, except for restaurants and bars, and the drinking starts at about six A.M.'" Pin It

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