Friday, March 9, 2012

Family History Friday: Oh hey, I'm really Swedish! (no, like, REALLY Swedish)

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago - once upon a time, I thought I was Swedish. But then my dad was really vague about where said Swedish ancestry came from, so I thought that maybe I wasn't Swedish at all. Thankfully my grandfather's memoirs cleared that up, as when I started typing them up I found out that his mother's maiden name was Carlson. And her mother's maiden name was Bergstrom. And her mother's mother's maiden name was Anderson...

You get the picture.
source - The Carlson family, Gustaf & Hulda bottom row center and their 13 (!!!) children. My great-grandmother (my grandfather's grandmother) Hulda Elisabeth is in there somewhere...
In fact, they were the first line I looked into when I started my tree on - because I wanted to see if it was possible to find out when my Swedish ancestors immigrated. Now, Hulda Bergstrom married Gustaf Carlson in Sweden in the mid-1890s, but their first son was born in Massachusetts in a bit of poking here and there revealed that they arrived in New York while Hulda (my great-great grandmother) was pregnant with this child.

To be honest this is just really exciting to me. Not only do I actually have Swedish heritage, but my Swedish ancestors immigrated only 116-ish years ago! Which sounds like a LOT of years, but let me tell you, I have ancestors who were some of the first people in this country so this was almost refreshing to discover ;)

So there you have it - my Swedish roots, and deep they are! In fact I still have distant relatives in Sweden. We all know I love to maybe I'll visit someday? Here's hoping! Pin It

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  1. I can see you showing up like the Griswold's on European Vacation!