Friday, March 23, 2012

Family History Friday: Something of a Roadblock

Unfortunately, the one thing that kind of sucks about having family that immigrated so recently is that to figure out where they came from I would have to pay extra (a lot extra) for the international subscription to And as I'm simply not in the financial position to do that at the moment...well, you know how these things go. This meant that once I got back to my Swedish ancestors who immigrated here in the late 1800s, I was stuck.

But hey, no problem, right? Instead I moved on to my grandfather's paternal side, assuming that as someone had apparently done enough research on them in the past to know that we were related to a person who came over on the Mayflower, that they wouldn't be too hard to find on

Unfortunately...wrong. I pretty much immediately hit another road block - I had my great-grandfather's name, and my great-great-grandfather's name...and there my information ran dry. And so, apparently, did's. Even after poring through censuses and the like...and thinking I'd found the next person in line...I still wasn't getting any hints. Which is rendered even more unfortunate by the knowledge that this branch is where that whole Mayflower story came from :(

Pictured above: My great-grandmother Hulda (who I never met) and great-grandfather Frank (who I met briefly when I was very, very young). I was able to get up to Frank's father Alpheus on my tree, and that's where I kind of "lost it" :-/
Anyway. I hit these roadblocks but don't worry...rather than get all hot and bothered I allowed myself to move on. I did promise myself that I'd go back to that line eventually and work on it some more...but as I had plenty of other ancestors to look for I allowed myself to move on to my grandmother's side of the family...and some pretty darn famous entries on my family tree.

But that, my dears, is a different story for a different time ;) Pin It

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