Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monthly 101 Update: February

Mehhhh I sucked at this again last month :-/

To be has been insanely busy (it always is the first two months of the year).

Though, to be honest...I also allowed myself to get sucked in to some kind of unimportant stuff last month. Like Star Wars: The Old Republic. Too bad one of my 101 in 1001 goals wasn't "Play an MMO/RPG game". heh

Technically this first achieved goal was in January: Host a giveaway on my blog. The giveaway itself took place from January 20-27 and I chose the winner on the 28th (or rather, random number generator did). Buuut...the giveaway included a sort of personalized gift so I didn't actually purchase and send out the winner's spoils until February. So I don't feel *too* bad including this goal completion in this update :) My friend Marty actually won and when I asked what he wanted he said "Shot glasses for my collection!" I wanted to get him some geeky shot glasses while I was in Disney at the beginning of February, but sadly...the Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean shot glasses were sadly lacking. Instead he got these:

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry! I tried taking it at least three times but the only way it wasn't blurry was with the flash, and then it looked washed out and you couldn't really see what the shot glasses said. Anyway, I picked up the Hollywood Studios (MGM. ugh.) one because Marty and I worked there together! And the South Carolina one because, well, it's where I live. And he did visit us here back in 2010! So again, congrats Marty and I hope you enjoy your shot glasses :)

Drink Around the World at least 3 more times for 15 total - I didn't expect, when I made this a goal, that I'd accomplish it in less than a year! Mainly because I knew I'd be going to Disney in May and October last year, but the trip I took last month was as last minute as a vacation gets for me...planned just a few months in advance. Haha.
1/3 - May 21, 2011, during the first of my two 10-year WDWCP 2001 reunions!

2/3 - October 31, 2011, during the second of my two 10 year WDWCP 2001 reunions...

3/3 - February 5, 2012...just because!

Thankfully I also finally started making a little more progress on a few a bunch more recipes typed up for my second big recipe "book" (just a binder, haha) and I also finished reading For Whom the Bell Tolls and was able to start on some other books. Thank God for that. So I'm about halfway through my "read 50 books I've never read before" goal now :)
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