Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: On Writing.

Write about your passion for writing.

I've been writing little stories for as long as I can remember. Or rather, at least since first grade. I had a teacher - Ms. Browning was her name - who really encouraged us to write. She would assign us general prompts or whatever and have us to write and illustrate stories - and then she would laminate and spiral-bind the pages for us :) I still have all of those "books", though of course they're packed away with other childhood memorabilia.

In fifth grade my teacher Mr. Rogers also gave us plenty of creative writing assignments and apparently thought I was pretty talented. He convinced me to enter one of my stories in a national contest. I only got an honorable mention but it was still very encouraging of him to help me with the entry process.

In middle school there was a boy in my home room who was super nice to me when everyone else made fun of/bullied me (for being a geek/nerd, of course). We never ended up as close friends but we did remain on good terms throughout and after high school. He was just...a genuinely nice guy. One day he saw me writing away and asked me what I was doing. I admitted that I was writing a book and he asked if he could read it. I was very hesitant but I did say that maybe when I was finished I would show it to him...and somehow I got up the courage to follow through with that. Again I was met with someone who was very praiseworthy of my writing. I want to say we were in 6th grade at the time so I think it says a lot that I was able to hand-write a 100-page story, show it to a GUY, and have him say that he liked it. Of course he could have been lying but even if he was, it was just one more bit of positive support...and trust me, at that age I needed it.

I go through writing "phases", unfortunately. Sometimes I'll work on something diligently for weeks or months, but eventually I always end up getting sidetracked or distracted and not writing at all for months or even years. I'll blog, I'll journal, but I won't actually write. It's one of the things I dislike most about myself, and during these times I'll even try to remind myself "hey, you should write a bit today/tonight/this weekend"...but life ends up taking over and there you have it.

Recently though something has changed. I've found different sorts of encouragement that to be honest I don't feel comfortable sharing here (probably because one of them makes me sound petty and the other is just very personal) and I've been steadily plugging away on a couple of different things for about two and a half months. That's a pretty good stretch for me and hopefully I'll keep it up, because when life gets stressful and crazy escaping into my writing has always been a necessity for me.

And I want to be published. Even if I have to self-publish, I want to see something I've written listed on Amazon, bring copies to the Mast General Store in Greenville and have them on display as "by a local author", hold an officially bound copy of something I've created in my hands. And I can't do that if I don't focus and get the work done.
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