Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: Optimism

I apologize for having been so absent lately! Not only have my posts on my own blog been infrequent, but I have yet to catch up with anyone else's entries :-/ To be honest we were away last weekend (for a long weekend, on top of that) and also...I've just been having a really rough week or so. They say bad things come in threes, but I've got four bad things going on right does that mean I have two more to "look forward to", soon? Sigh. Anyway, without further ado I'm going to post another "Writer's Block Wednesday" because...well, I just don't have the energy to come up with some sort of amusing or amazing post.

What do you do or can you do to build optimism in yourself and for those around you? Consider actions that you can use as a "restart button" to rejuvenate your outlook. Keep a log of things you consciously do to promote optimism.

I thought this was a perfect prompt for today and for how I'm feeling. Because to be honest, at the moment I'm not optimistic at all. But there are a few things that I do to rejuvenate myself and to try to change my outlook when things are going wrong.

1. Rant.

  Sometimes it's here on this blog, but more often than not it's to my family or close friends, and I also keep an actual private handwritten journal. Sometimes the best way to try to regain your optimism is to simply get all of those negative feelings out, to expel them.
2. Yoga.

  It sounds cliche, but does it for me. It calms me and makes me a far more relaxed and positive person.

3. Take a hot bath, book in hand.

 Self explanatory.

4. Run.

(Oh hey, that's me in a 5k back in January - I'm on the far right behind the girl wearing #1075) 
There is absolutely nothing like a good run to empty my head and make me feel energetic and healthy, and if I feel energetic and healthy it's really hard not to feel optimistic :)

5. Remember everything good in my life. Because there are so, so many good things in my life.

Awesome, awesome friends. Not just these two, either, though they are pretty special ;)
My amazing family - my fun, smart, loving sisters and my nieces and nephew who remind me every day how beautiful innocence can be.
All of my pets, but most especially this one. My Miss Wendy Pie, Miss Wendy Darling, the sweetest and best dog I've ever known.
This man. For more reasons than I could possibly name.
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  1. I saw your button over on Freckles' blog and had to stop by. I'm glad I did; we seem to have a lot in common - like an appreciation for running and hot baths.