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Game of Thrones Marathon, Part 2

Disclaimer: All recipes contained herein were adapted from Inn at the Crossroads

Phew. I seriously can't tell you my moment of panic when I joined a Game of Thrones chat (mind you, I don't think I've been in a chat room in a decade or more) and someone mentioned that there were only so many hours until the premiere. Let's say it was 4 PM and the number of hours was five. Regardless, as I said in my last entry - moment of panic! Especially as I still had to put my dinner - "Hen on the Wall" - together!

"'I never eat prunes myself. Well, there was one time when Hobb chopped them up with chestnuts and carrots and hid them in a hen. Never trust a cook, my lord. They'll prune you when you least expect it.'" (A Dance with Dragons)

At least I got to enjoy my glass of mead while I hurriedly fixed up my stuffing.

"Lord Nestor ignored the banter. 'As you say, my lady, so it will be done." Only then did he look at the dwarf. "See our lord of Lannister to a tower cell, and bring him meat and mead.'"(Game of Thrones)


One whole chicken, preferably organic free-range
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper ("fresh ground")
1 cup rolled oats (uncooked!)
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 regular-sized bag prunes
1 jar chestnuts
6-8 carrots, peeled
1 TBS butter
Large handful crunchy organic/all natural NOT FLAVORED granola i.e. Heartland

- Add the oatmeal to the chicken broth and allow to soak for at least 10-15 minutes.
- Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
- Dice 1/4 cup each of the prunes, chestnuts and carrots and mix with the butter and the oats and chicken broth, then work the granola into the mix as well.
- Halve the rest of your carrots lengthwise (if they are very large you may want to halve the thicker ends one more time) and cut into three-inch-long pieces. Set these aside in a large bowl with the rest of the chestnuts and prunes.
- Spread a thin layer of the olive oil in the bottom of a roasting pan and stuff your chicken with the diced prune/chestnut/carrot mix. Set the chicken in the pan and rub with plenty of olive oil, then sprinkle to taste with fresh-ground salt and pepper.
- Cook according to the chicken weight - my chicken was close to three pounds and I roasted it for 2 hours flat and it was perfect.
- ***When there's about 40 minutes left on the chicken, toss the bowl containing the whole chestnuts and prunes and the carrot slices with more olive oil, salt, and pepper and add them to the pan with the chicken to complement :) ***

 As you can see, by the time I had my dinner I had graduated from mead to beer. Like the sweetwine, the mead was just a bit too much for me. I'm just not a sweet-drink type of girl, what can I say?

The good thing was, I'd brought plenty of beer along for the ride ;)

"Jon opened a shuttered window, took the flagon of beer off the outside ledge, and filled a horn. Hobb had given him a lemon, still cold from the Wall. Jon crushed it in his fist. The juice trickled through his fingers. Mormont drank lemon in his beer every day, and claimed that was why he still had his own teeth." (Game of Thrones)

The beer in the middle is a German Hefeweizen, a beer with lemon notes that I'm sure Jeor Mormont would have appreciated! To be honest the rest of them were just random picks, mostly for their names or labels  ;) I mean...Black Sheep Ale for Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, the black sheep of the family; the Belhaven Wee Heavy for the Lannister lion on the label; the Dragonhead for the Targs, of course; and the Skull Splitter reminded me of Greatjon Umber and Tormund Giantsbane and even the Iron Islands, in a way, with the Viking theme. And many of them do harken back to beers mentioned in the text - for example, 

"A servant approached. 'Bread,' Tyrion told him, 'and two of those little fish, and a mug of that good dark beer to wash them down. Oh, and some bacon. Burn it until it turns black.'" (Game of Thrones)

Now somehow, some way, my timing ended up being nearly perfect with my marathon. Even with stopping to put together lunch and dinner, I finished watching season one a whole 45 minutes before season two started...which gave me time to walk my dogs and cook up a dessert/late night snack...but this installment has gotten long enough, I think, so I'll save the rest of my Game of Thrones marathon story for my next entry :) But I'll leave you with one of my favorite clips from the second half of season one, how's that?

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