Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've been slacking in my Forever Lazy.

Yes, it's been far too long since I made a post about my favorite cozy evening-wear...my Forever Lazy!

It's not that I haven't been wearing it - because trust me, I have. It's not even that it's gotten too warm for it - because we had a cold front come through the past couple of weeks and I've probably spent more time in my Forever Lazy on recent weekends than I've spent actually dressed up to go out. I just haven't been the best about taking pictures of me wearing my Forever Lazy, and I didn't want to go around posting a dozen one-picture entries of all the things you can do in said garment.

But without further ado...here is the third installment of Tara's Forever Lazy Chronicles!
(Part 1 & Part 2 can be found at their corresponding links)

First, you should admire the fact that the zipper pull on your Forever Lazy says Forever Lazy on it...while, of course, wearing your Forever Lazy! :D

You can Velociraptor in your Forever Lazy!

You can have (as Steve calls it) "Chewbaccan head" in your Forever Lazy!
(Wow, that sounds worse than I mean it to. Oops? By the way in case you can't tell that is a very furry and cozy Chewbacca hat that I'm wearing.)

You can be ridiculously Southern (even if you're not Southern at all, really - case and point) and sport flip flops with your Forever Lazy...if the weather permits, of course ;)

And last but not least (for this post anyway!)...you can walk your dog in your Forever Lazy!
Sorry for the blurry cell phone picture, first of all, and second of all...yes, I did this. And the best/worst part was...it wasn't the first time I walked Wendy in my Forever Lazy. Also, yes, my sneakers match my Forever Lazy. That was not on purpose.
...or was it? ;)
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  1. PJ takes blurry pics whenever I ask him to take them of me. I think I need to school him on how to work my iPhone! ;)