Thursday, April 12, 2012

New blog hop: Favorite Things Thursday!

Today's theme for "Favorite Things Thursday" is 
Things I Love to Hate :)

Honestly, I love love love to travel. It may possibly be my favorite thing ever. But when you travel, you always have to get wherever you're going SOME way. And I really really really hate the getting there part.

~ I don't like driving, period, but especially not for long periods of time. ~

But then when someone else is doing the driving, it still sucks. Because I feel bad that I'm not driving, and because I still have to sit there for hours and hours. And in case you didn't know, it's pretty impossible to use a laptop in the car.

~ And then there's flying. ~

Having to get to the airport anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours before your flight, depending on the airport you're leaving from.

(And let's not even lie, it's the absolute WORST when you have to drag yourself to the airport when you're hungover.)

And then, after dealing with paying out the ass to check a bag if you're brave enough to do so and questioning the very existence of humanity due to the inevitable idiot or ten who is in line in front of you at security with their too-large toiletries and shoes that have laces and buckles AND velcro and then they forget to take shit out of their pockets and OH MY WORD all you want to do is collect your stuff and go sit by your gate and then you get there and they start boarding and you have a heart attack wondering whether there will be room for your carry-ons because no one but you ever wants to put stuff under the seat in front of them and everyone has a damn roll-aboard suitcase that's stuffed to the hilt and no one listens and puts them in wheels-first anyway and then there's the family with three children and every one of THEM has a roll-aboard as well and honestly how freaking have to try to still be excited about getting where you're going.

Finally, I don't think I even have to get into detail about delays, whether due to mechanical issues or weather or just general airline ineptitude.

No seriously, the weather bit probably sucks the most. I harken back to our trip to Idaho in January, when we had to get up 2 hours early to get bussed to a bigger airport, only to get stuck on the tarmac for an extra 30 minutes because it was snowing too much to take off. And there's nothing you or the airline can do about acts of God. At least when stupid shit like them overfueling the plane happens, you can argue your way onto another flight...even with another airline, if you're really good at it. Which, by the way, I am. ;) (No seriously, I'm that person that gate agents hate, and I don't care.)

~ Can someone just figure out teleportation already??? ~
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  1. LOL- I so agree, this was a cute post.

    My boyfriend and I drive down to see his family every few months. It's only 2 hours but it's down in the Inland Empire, past LA in the more desert-y areas. Anyway, it feels sooo far because we have to drive through so many big cities like Pasadena, LA, Glendale, Calabassas, the Valley, etc (not in that order) and every single time we go there we say either on the way there or (usually) the way back, that we wished we could snap our fingers and be anywhere we wanted. Literally every time we go down there. haha.

    I love, love, love to travel too, but like you said, the ridiculous carry-on baggage is just so annoying. And you would think that people would get the hang of traveling at airports after at least one time, right? But no, it seems like everyone and their mom is traveling for the first time because everything is confusing to them or complicated or they argue about things, etc. LAX is the worst airport ever in my opinion. I like the Denver International the best. :)

    I liked your pictures too.

  2. Wow I LOVED this post!

    I keep wondering "where have you been all my life?!" except not in a "oh I hate travelling too!" sort of way (BECAUSE I LOVE DRIVING FOR HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS) but more in a you're so funny and I think we could be best friends sort of way.

    And now I am a creep. A creep that co-hosts a blog hop. And now you might be thinking I'm only co-hosting it to have more people to be creepy too. But alas, it was not the case.

    Let me try and save this comment now...

    I like your post. Thanks for getting involved.

  3. OH MY GOD JUST TO GET MORE CREEPY BUT I KNEW I KNEW YOU!!!! I have read your travel blog. So not know KNOW you. But, you know, know you?
    Gah now I really do feel like a creep
    I should really quit commenting.