Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Confessions: I'm back!

I confess...that I have become one of those people who is scared of the sun and skin cancer. I am allergic to sunscreen - yes, all kinds, I've lost count of how many I've tried - so I spent my vacation last week in shade and covered up and got basically no color/tan at all. And I'm probably not as okay with that as I should be ;)

I confess...that I thought I'd scheduled more entries to be posted while I was gone. Oops. Maybe next time I go away I'll suck it up and ask for some guest posters...

I confess...that I was "that person" on our cruise - someone was hogging a chair that I wanted to sit in on the adults-only Serenity Deck of the Carnival Liberty. They had left a bag on it and I took up watch nearby and after 40 minutes they hadn't come back once. So I asked a crew member to remove their bag. The rule is 30 minutes so the deed was done, no problem. The person didn't come back until 20 minutes AFTER I asked for the bag to be removed. No, lady, you didn't "just go to get coffee" for over an hour.

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  1. She went for a quickie and the coffee was after in lieu of the traditional cigarette lol