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Family History Friday: I think we need to talk about Steve.

Yes, Steve is my husband, not a blood relative - ha, yeahhh we'll have to get into that later ;) - but I think he deserves a "Family History Friday" post because we *are* married and therefore he *is* my family. To be honest we've been dealing with some stress at home (nothing we can't/won't work through and nothing in regards to our relationship with each other, thankfully) and I thought it would be nice to, well, give him a more "official" introduction here on my blog. I sort of stole this idea from Kristen at All In My Twenties, but I swear I'm going to do my best to "make it my own" :)

Now, it's not that I don't write about Steve in here. I do...though maybe not as often as I should. He's not so much my other half as he is an important part of my whole (if that makes sense, haha), so without further ado...who wouldn't/couldn't love this guy?

In the past I've mentioned that he can cook, that he treats me better than I ever thought was possible, that he essentially saved me from becoming any more cynical and distant than I already was in regards to relationships. But none of that says very much about who he is, really, so today he gets his own sort of introduction post!

Steve is...

From a very old New England family - on both sides. He can trace his lineage back to the Mayflower and at this point we know that about 99% of his relatives came straight from England.

Originally a Rhode Islander, and though he spent most of his life in Connecticut he's still a Rhode Islander at heart ;)

An awesome engineer and a really hard worker. He puts in 50-60 hour work weeks and still brings projects home with him on a regular basis. I wouldn't call him a workaholic but the dedication he's had to his jobs since I've been with him (and surely before) is amazing and deserves *so* much respect.

Going gray. Fairly quickly. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like it very much but I think it's sexy :D

Fluent in French due to having spent a year there as an exchange student waaayyy back when we were in high school.

Probably the most honest, up-front, and LOYAL person I've ever known. He keeps a tight circle of close friends but once you are in that circle, you are IN. Likely for life, unless *you* screw it up somehow...haha.

Steve loves...

Star Wars
The Smiths
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
...and me, duhhh

Other random tidbits about Steve include...

He used to say that he wasn't a dog person, but then he met my dog Miss Wendy and it's been all down uphill from there.

If he can at all help it, he will not kill any bugs. Including spiders. I have to insist that he dispense with the poisonous ones, seriously.

When I took him on his VERY FIRST CRUISE EVER for his 30th birthday, he claimed that the absolute best thing about it was being able to find a coconut, crack it open, and drink the milk inside.

He's not a class clown type, but on a regular basis he'll come up with the most hilarious sayings/faces/jokes/etc. Though sometimes I'm the only one who gets them...i.e. his "Sawyer from LOST face"...

He can pick up a guitar and start playing what seem to be random chords, realize that he knows them from some song or other, and then just suddenly play the whole damn thing even if he's never played it before! Also, he won't admit it but he can sing very well...and he played the trombone in high school.

As much as he loves the internet, he hates Facebook, doesn't get Twitter and though he has both, probably only uses them about three times a year.

He loves cuddling/being close; he's very affectionate. This is something I've always felt a bit awkward about - I'm not a touchy-feely person at all, and Ex was a withholder rather than a giver of affection - but Steve has definitely helped me open up a lot in regards to this.

I asked some friends, "If you could ask me something about Steve/our relationship, what would it be?"

When was the first time you knew you loved Steve?

 You know...this is a really difficult question! I suppose I didn't truly know that I loved him until we told each other as much, which was literally four weeks after we started dating/seeing each other/whatever it was. (August 23, 2008 being the latter date; September 20, 2008 being the former)

Looking back, though, I knew I loved him and didn't want to admit it much earlier. I'd pinpoint September 1, 2008 (Labor Day) as the day when I realized what type of man had been placed before me. I can't even really describe why...though I think it had a lot to do with the way he looked at me that day when we parted ways. I doubt anyone has ever given me a look so sincere, so open.

Granted, we were officially introduced in 1998, knew *of* each other before that, were acquaintances and eventually friends and at one point a bit more before losing touch for a few years, so it wasn't as if we met and started dating and I fell in love with him a couple weeks week later. There was history there, and I think we only ever needed the tiniest push to realize what we could be :)

What little things does he do for you that you appreciate more and more each time?

Hmm. As day-to-day stuff go we're both really bad at just...keeping up. We allow ourselves to get distracted, allow ourselves to put off the things we don't want to do, etc. So as much as I wish I could say "I love waking up in the morning and not having to ask him to make a pot of coffee" or "I love when we finish eating and he jumps to do the dishes for me because I cooked"...stuff like that just doesn't happen often enough to be an honest answer to this question.

So this is probably going to sound shallow, but I have to say that I love how he will randomly tell me I'm beautiful or sexy. Seriously, it's often at the most unexpected times, even when I've got no makeup on and my hair is a mess and I'm wearing ratty PJs. It's not so often that it gets old and I can always tell that he means it...and considering I'm not getting any younger/thinner/better looking it's nice to be informed that at least he thinks "I've still got it", haha.

Oh, he's also good about keeping up with the cat litter boxes without needing a reminder ;)

What talents or skills does he have that knocks your socks off?

He's really great at whipping up random dishes in the kitchen. Like he just knows, automatically, what spices and flavors go best with stuff. I'm really good at the cooking aspect of cooking - changing amounts per our tastes, knowing exact cooking times, etc. - but he's way better at adding new ingredients and having them be the perfect ones.

Also, he remembers every random little fact he reads/hears. Now, this doesn't mean that he remembers important things that I tell him ( but really I lose count of how many times I have to remind him of vacation dates and whatnot)...but for example, if he read an article 7 years ago about some company that creates pristine diamonds, you can guarantee that he will remember the process, the company name, the location, how many people worked there, etc. etc. etc. I honestly don't know where he puts all this completely useless information, but it's alllll in there somewhere. haha

What are some of his "quirks" that you find incredibly endearing (even if they might also be frustrating sometimes)?

 Oh man, he'll probably get mad at me if he ever reads this, but he kind of stutters sometimes. Usually he just talks really fast to keep himself from stuttering, but once in a while he "slips". He hates it, but honestly I find it just that - endearing. Sometimes when he gets really worked up and I'm trying to get a word in edgewise it can be a bit frustrating, but most of the time I either don't mind it or think it's kinda cute ;)

I suppose I should mention something that wouldn't embarrass him as well, haha. He is OBSESSED with brownies. Like will get up at 4 AM and stand in the kitchen in his underwear and eat half a pan of them. I find this endearing because, well, it is, in a funny sort of way. Also it means that he is pretty darn easy to please...all I have to do is bake him a pan of brownies and it makes his day. But it does get a bit frustrating when he runs out of brownies less than 48 hours after I bake them and ends up raiding the pantry and eating every bite of chocolate in the house because, well, a girl needs her chocolate too!

Anyway, Steve is a fairly private person and I've tried to only share things he would be comfortable with me sharing (minus that one thing, oops, haha) so I think I'll leave this here for now :) But needless to say we obviously have a lot in common and, well, I'm doubtful anyone could put up with me the way he does ;)
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  1. You guys are similar to PJ and I. :) PJ is a private person when it comes to social networking too, so I'm careful of what I share about him. Plus he plays the guitar and can play most anything after having listened to it. Not to mention that he and his best friend write and sing their own music. I think the first time I knew I was going to love him was when I heard him play and sing. It took us a good 6-7 months to even say as much to each other. We both had been hurt very badly in our previous relationships so we were cautious of throwing the Love word around. :) Oh yes, and like Steve...PJ is turning gray too! ;)
    Love the pictures of you two!